10 Best Money & Energy Saving Pool Upgrades

10 Best Money & Energy Saving Pool Upgrades

Best Money and Energy Saving Pool Upgrades

If you have an inground pool, you use 49% more electricity each year than a home without a pool. In fact, a pool pump alone can add up to $300 per year to your electric bill.

With prices increasing all over the country, it’s important to save where you can. Luckily, there are pool upgrades you can make that save money and energy!

Keep reading to learn 10 of them.


1. Upgrade to a Darker Finish

If you have a heated pool and a light finish, you can save on energy costs by upgrading to a darker color. A dark finish will absorb UV rays from the sun making your pool water warmer without increasing the temperature manually.

This natural method of pool heating can decrease energy use, save money, and give your pool a new look without a large investment.


2. Swap Out Your Pool Pump

One of the most common pool upgrades to save money on energy is to swap your current pool pump with a newer energy-efficient model.

Find a pool pump with adjustable settings and built-in timer systems to help you save on electricity costs. A better pump can cut down on pool wear and tear as well.


3. Increase Pool Filter Size

Your pump has to work harder when your filter is smaller. To allow your pump to use less energy, opt for a larger pool filter that covers more surface area for water flow.


4. Keep Up With Routine Maintenance

Swimming pool services include routine maintenance to help keep your filter, pump, and other pool parts in working order. This can help them stay operating at peak efficiency which saves costs over time.


5. Automate When Possible

During swimming pool design, it’s best to automate pool systems where you can. The upfront cost might be higher but over time you’ll see a return on investment through energy savings.


6. Buy a Robotic Pool Cleaner

This is one of the swimming pool ideas that has been around for a long time but robotic pool cleaners have come a long way since being introduced.

Robotic pool cleaning systems can clean the entire pool surface with a fraction of the energy used in an outdated system. If you currently have a robotic cleaner, replace it with a newer version to save on energy costs.


7. Consider Pool-Friendly Landscape

Trees and shrubs can do wonders for lowering heat loss. Consider a windbreak feature in your yard to lower water costs and decrease evaporation. If you don’t want to plant anything, build a pergola instead.


10 Best Money & Energy Saving Pool Upgrades

8. Buy a Heat Pump

heat pump is beneficial for swimming pools in shaded and covered areas. Buy a recent model that costs less to operate and uses less energy.

Electric heat pumps can use the temperature in the air to heat the pool water.


9. Use Solar Technology

While a heat pump works for shaded pools, solar technology is a better option for warming pools with the sun. You can heat your pool during the day and keep it warm at night with solar covers.


10. Update Pool Lighting

LED pool lighting can reduce energy consumption compared to conventional bulbs. Plus, it lasts longer than incandescent lights.


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