5 Different Types of Pool Waterfalls

5 Different Types of Pool Waterfalls

Types of Pool Waterfalls

It’s time to admit that your backyard pool is bland. There’s nothing eye-catching about a gaping hole filled with murky water and assorted taco-shaped floaties.

Wasn’t your pool supposed to be a relaxing oasis? You spent the time, energy, and money on excavating and feel less than fulfilled. It still needs… something.

Never slouch through a boring summer again by exploring the different types of pool waterfalls that would transform your outdoor space. Adding such a simple feature instills a breathtaking layer of comfort and tranquility.

Let’s jump in to see which pool waterfall feature will compliment your backyard!

1. Scupper Waterfall

Named after the stainless steel spout, or scupper, these waterfalls are truly the epitome of tranquility. The best pool waterfalls include scuppers in some form or fashion, and for good reason.

Scuppers provide everything a homeowner is looking for: style, ambiance, and movement.

As with any pool waterfall feature, scuppers need to be regularly cleaning. Here are a few helpful tips to ensure your features stay in peak condition.

2. Sheer Descents

This style of waterfalls is detailed by the thin curtain-like stream of water. Sheer descents add ambiance and mystery to any pool space.

A shorter, smaller descent could be used to hide unsightly pool equipment are mask the maintenance sounds with that of trickling water. The attractiveness of sheer descents lies in their flexibility. No shape or size of these water features is impossible!

3. Grotto

Speaking of hidden spaces, adding a grotto to your pool adds fun for all ages. The detailed rock work will spark imagination for kids.

Cultivating a creative atmosphere is one of the most important ways to boost imagination in children. Grottos can transport kids directly into the Caribbean Sea where pirate treasures are waiting to be found!

But everyone knows that when the kids are away, the adults get to play. Grottos are a romantic addition to any pool because they create steamy private hideaways.

4. Pencil Jets

Families have been loving the sleek look that pencil jets provide. As their name suggests, these features arc a thin stream of water into your pool.

Pencil jets (or deck jets) create a playful atmosphere to keep kids entertained. Water spouting from the deck into the water looks professional and put together. There’s nothing amateur about the fun, either!

5. Customized Waterfall

While the aforementioned pool waterfalls can be stunning, you deserve a feature that is as unique as you are. Designing your own customized waterfall is a great option for homeowners with unconventional pools or limited space.

Customized waterfalls ensure that your oasis is personal. Check out a few of the endless combinations here!

Interested in Different Types of Pool Waterfalls?

Your outdoor space should be a work of art, so don’t settle for anything less than a masterpiece. When you choose Escape Pools you know that your ideal oasis is within reach.

The skilled craftsmen won’t stop until you fall in love with your pool again! If you have questions about the different types of pool waterfalls send a message.

What are you waiting for? Paradise is calling.