7 Backyard Pool Water Feature Design Ideas

7 Backyard Pool Water Feature Design Ideas

Should I Put a Water Feature In My Pool? Absolutely!

Almost 20% of Americans are owners of a pool, spa, or hot tub. Adding a new pool addition to a home can be both exciting and overwhelming. There are a lot of different options when it comes to creating a functional aesthetic.

Are you planning to have a backyard pool installed at your home? Here are some unique backyard pool water feature design ideas for an attractive poolscape.

Choosing a Pool Water Feature

Choosing the best water feature design for your backyard should be a simple process. Most likely, the most straightforward choice is the key to unlocking your backyard’s potential.

Besides, your garden design should be your compass when exploring various designs. Eventually, what matters is how a water feature fits into your backyard design.

So before looking at backyard water feature design ideas, define what will suit you. For instance, pool water feature spouts can enhance your space in an elegant way. Or you may want to take a look at water feature ideas for inground pool models if this fits your space best.

Tastes and Preferences

Your backyard pool will be a place you love if it strokes your positive spirits whenever you think about it. As much as you care about aesthetics, you’ll want a design that aligns with your personality.

People have different preferences when it comes to water feature design ideas. A quiet, watery element may look therapeutic but not be a fit if you want something dramatic. So focus on what appeals to you.

Cost of the Design and Installation

Your budget is the major stumbling block when redesigning your backyard. Some swimming pool water features may not be within reach if you’re on a budget. The beauty of it is that there are tons of inexpensive pool water features to transform your backyard quickly.

Installing a Pool Water Feature

The question “should I put a water feature in my pool” might come up when building a new pool or remodeling an existing pool. Each scenario poses different challenges and opportunities.

If you want to incorporate a pool water feature in a new pool, your design options are probably endless. Including a pool water feature in your pool’s design is more effortless and best. You can create the pool of your dreams as the water feature design blends with the poolscape.

Adding a water feature to an existing pool comes with more design challenges. And it’s best to work with a competent Texas pool builder to bring your vision to life. A pool pro considers your feature’s impact on the pool mechanics before approving your design.

Types of the Best Pool Water Features

An easier way to find a pool water feature idea that appeals to you is to narrow down your options. Pool water features fall into a few categories, making it easier to choose what appeals to you.

Some of the common types of pool features include the following.

Fire and Water Bowls

A fire and water bowl is a modern pool water feature idea that can create a mesmerizing display on your poolscape. The flickering flames reflecting in the flowing water combine to bring elegance to your backyard.

Whether remodeling an old pool or building a new one, a fire and water bowl feature is a great idea. You can easily add to an existing pool system or incorporate it into your design with a quick pool water feature installation.


Waterfall pool water feature ideas are only popular for a reason. It’s thrilling and calming to watch a waterfall, and adding it to any backyard adds a unique touch without overthinking the poolscape design.

Opting for a waterfall allows you more room to brainstorm the best design ideas for your backyard. Many pool water feature ideas give you room to choose a design that complements your home.


Perhaps, the easiest way to improve the aesthetics of your backyard is to install a water fountain. You can turn your backyard into an attractive space with an installation.

Pool fountains are also one of the inexpensive water features to consider for your backyard design. You can find small pool fountain ideas that require no installation. You can also choose one that attaches to your pool pump.

Deck Jets

If you want your pool to become the center of attention, adding deck jets is one excellent choice. Deck jets produce spouting streams of water from the pool deck into the pool.

The streams usually rise majestically before streaming into the pool calmly. The outcome is typically therapeutic, as the soothing sound creates a calm atmosphere all over your pool.

7 Backyard Pool Water Feature Design Ideas, deck jets


Pool statues are one of the creative ideas to turn a boring poolscape into an attention-grabbing elegance. A stature is usually artistic and will effortlessly elevate your outdoor decor.

If you’re adding a statue to your backyard, you’re bringing the artist’s craft into your backyard. The art should match your taste and style to support your theme and send the right message to your guests.

A water element statue may even stun your guests beyond your imagination. Think of a unique statue design seated beside your pool and spitting water into your pool gracefully.

Spillover Spa

Spillover spas can add a relaxing spectacle to your poolscape design. The water feature replicates the waterfall effect and adds extra elegance with a spa feature above your pool.

The water from the spa spills over gradually into the pool to add a stylish focal point to your pool. The spillover can be a series of waterfalls or a single curtain spillover streaming over the edge.

Splash Deck

A splash is a valuable extension of your pool to make it more functional, exciting, and inclusive. The deck is a shallow extended part of your pool to provide a superb playing and lounging space.

A splash deck design also creates a perfect playing spot for your kids. While you’re immersed in other activities, your kids can splash and enjoy themselves in the water without your attention.

The splash deck can be a wise choice if you’re looking for the ultimate comfort away from your main pool. You can place some deck chairs to cool and relax without choosing floaters.

What Are the Best Backyard Pool Water Feature Design Ideas?

With the many varied backyard pool water feature design ideas, it’s best to focus on what appeals to you. The trendiest pool water feature is less likely to be the best choice.

The best backyard pool water feature design can easily blend with your garden theme. You can also focus on the suggested types of water features to inspire your choice. Contact Escape Pools today to create your backyard pool with a water feature design oasis.