8 Cypress TX Pool Remodeling Ideas For a Facelift

8 Cypress TX Pool Remodeling Ideas For a Facelift

Cypress TX Pool Remodeling Services, Give Your Pool a Facelift

Cypress, TX, is a booming North Houston suburb in Texas that maintains its small-town vibe. Just 30 minutes from downtown Houston, the busy highway brings you to this charming community.

Do you love living here? Are you moving here to be part of the growing career opportunities? Whatever your reason for being here, you are lucky to be part of the wide open spaces, never-ending community events, excellent food and wine at the Cy-Fair Wine Fair, sports, top-notch education, stunning communities, and much more.

So, now that you are here, have you considered a pool to enhance your lifestyle? Perhaps you already have an existing pool, but it’s just not up to par. Like everything in life, it gets old and outdated. So inground swimming pools are no different.

Are you tired of searching for Cypress TX pool remodeling services?

Here we will explore a few ways to revitalize your existing backyard pool, from modernizing it with new state-of-the-art technology, improving its appearance, automating pool functions, adding water features, and lighting, and giving it an overall facelift.


Cypress TX Pool Remodeling Ideas

Your inground swimming pool is the centerpiece of your backyard paradise. Over the past years, it has provided a refreshing escape from the Texas heat and has served as a fun gathering place for family and friends.

In addition, it may have been your place for relaxation and physical fitness. But now it’s time to upgrade. So, we begin with lighting.


Cypress TX Pool Remodeling Starting with Underwater LED Lights

Pool lighting has come a long way. It is no longer simple and traditional. The new underwater LED lights set moods to match what you want. If you planning a big pool party, let the light’s color change to match the theme. Or if you want to relax under the midnight stars after a long day, set the light to a soothing color or mix of colors to unwind peacefully.

In addition, LED pool lights are brighter than traditional pool lights and are undoubtedly more energy efficient saving on your utility costs.


Update Pool Equipment

Like the old lights, old pool equipment can be costing you more money than the new high-tech pool equipment of today. For example, upgrading to an energy-efficient variable-speed pump from your existing single-speed pump is something to absolutely consider. Your energy costs will be considerably lower.

In addition, the new state-of-the-art pool heating systems will lower your bills, meet newer energy standards, and heat faster with lower NOx output levels resulting in a healthier environment.


Pool Automation

Do you clean your pool by yourself? If so, do you want to get better control of your pool’s operation with the newest and greatest pool automation? It’s truly great as you can remotely control your pool’s filtration, pumps, heating, lighting, water features, and more. It saves time on maintaining your pool. Also, you can easily change settings remotely to save on wasted money spent running the equipment unnecessarily.


Switch From Chlorine To a Salt-Water Pool

Why switch? It’s simple. For one, a saltwater pool means lower maintenance and costs. In addition without chlorine, the water is softer, gentler to the skin and eyes, and does not produce harsh chlorine smells.

Once you convert you can see a decrease in up to forty percent in chemical cost. The salt converts to chlorine, therefore the continuous purchase of chlorine powder and liquid diminishes drastically.

Let the salt system take care of everything. But remember to always check and make sure the salt levels are accurate and the salt system is working properly.


Pool Replastering

A newly plastered pool with undoubtedly provide a welcomed refresh. You can update it with a new color and a smoother beautiful finish. If you want a desired watercolor, choosing the right color plaster will give you the watercolor you want. For example, if you want a blue watercolor, select a pool interior surface finish with white, blue, or gray pigment. For greener water, choose a finish in tan, brown, green, or black pigment.


Update Pool Tiles and Pool’s Coping


Yes, pool tile and coping can wear, discolor and chip over time. In addition, they can become outdated as styles change. Nowadays the pool tile shapes, sizes, styles, and designs are limitless, therefore, you can surely find one that is suitable for your new pool.

In addition, while replacing your pool tiles and adding totally new tiles, consider changing the pool coping. Pool coping is the cap on the swimming pool’s edge.


8 Cypress TX Pool Remodeling Ideas For a Facelift


Water Features

As time goes on water features get better and better. Not only are they beautiful but their movement offers stunning dimensions like no other, except fire features. Did you know you can have both with the new trendy fire water bowls? Think about how amazing they would look along your pool’s edge.

But if a fountain comprised of both water and fire is not for you, there are limitless water feature ideas that with be suitable for your backyard decor. Rock waterfalls, scuppers, deck jets, bubblers, sheer descents, and the list can go on.


Cypress TX Pool Remodeling With New Pool Decking

A newly remodeled pool may not be complete without a pool deck update. Pool decks are genuinely impactful to the overall poolscape appearance. Again, the options from natural stone, pavers, and others are endless. Just remember to choose a decking that is non-slip, not coarse on the feet, and does not get too hot. In addition, some materials are easier to clean and maintain.


Are Your Ready To Begin Your Cypress TX Pool Remodeling

Here we have only mentioned a few of the many Cypress TX pool remodeling ideas as there are countless numbers when you hire Escape Pools. We not only design and build incredible pools from scratch we offer fantastic Cypress TX pool remodeling services with exciting new refreshing designs.

From updating your existing pool with resurfacing, lighting, automation, water features, decking, and much much more, please contact us to see what we can do for you. We will be so very delighted to help you enhance your backyard lifestyle to the max.