8 Simple Ways To Cut Costs of Backyard Pool

8 Simple Ways To Cut Costs of Backyard Pool

Simple Ways to Cut the High Cost of Swimming In Your Pool

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is fun and convenient, but it does come with a cost. There is the initial cost of installation, the ongoing cost of maintenance and increased energy bills. So many of us wonder how to cut costs. We have good news. There are ways to cut the high cost of swimming in your backyard pool, and we are happy to outline them here so you can enjoy fabulous fun and relaxation all summer long.

Here are some tips to reduce your pool’s energy usage.

1. Choose Your Pump With Care

Many owners of residential swimming pools have oversized pumps, which can lead to wasted energy and money. For most pools, a ¾ horsepower pump will be sufficient, and smaller pools may not even need that much energy. In addition, consider a variable-speed pool pump. They can save you up to 90% on energy costs as compared to conventional single or two-speed pool pumps.

2. Make Sure Your Pool Pump is Energy Star Certified

This certification means the pump is highly efficient, which can lower your utility costs even more.

3. Set Your Pump with Energy Savings in Mind

Letting your pump run all the time is a waste of time and energy, so set the cleaning cycle accordingly. A filtration cycle of six hours is sufficient for most residential swimming pools.

4. Use a Large Filter to Maximize Efficiency

An oversized filter with a large surface area will help your pump run more efficiently.

5. Keep the Drains Free of Dirt and Debree

A clean swimming pool is essential, not just for your swimming pleasure. Cleaning the drains frequently will also reduce the strain on your pump and allow it to run more efficiently.

6. Use a Robotic Cleaner

Robotic pool cleaners are powered by their own electricity, not by your pump. This can reduce the energy your pool consumes, helping you save money in the process.

7. Replace Your Existing Pool Lights with More Efficient LED Models

LED lights save electricity throughout your home – and your pool. If your pool did not come with LED lights, replacing them could save you money for many years to come.

8. Pool Automation

Pool automation is the new trend, and not only is it convenient it helps to save on utility costs. An automated pool system, allows you to run the equipment when needed. You will save electricity and even water.  Setting the pool pump to run at certain times and at lower speeds greatly benefits saving money.

A backyard swimming pool can be a wonderful indulgence on a hot day, a place for your children to relax and for you to enjoy some healthy exercise. But all that summer fun comes at a price, including higher energy costs when the temperature rises.

Taking energy efficiency seriously is crucial if you want to enjoy your summer swims and still have money left over for backyard barbecues and other luxuries. The tips above can help you save money all summer to enjoy your hot weather swims without worry.

Let Us Help You to Cut Costs of Your Backyard Pool

Escape Pool in Texas is a full-service pool build and maintenance company. We can help you get on the right track to cut costs of your backyard pool. We supply and install the required components to help you save money, such as pool pumps, robotic cleaners, efficient filters, LED light replacements, pool automation and more.

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