8 Best Tips To Prepare Your Pool For a Hurricane in Texas

8 Best Tips To Prepare Your Pool For a Hurricane in Texas

Prepare Your Pool for a Hurricane in Texas With These 8 Tips


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predict an above-average Atlantic season for the seventh consecutive year. In Texas, hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30.

The 2022 forecast states that there is likely to be a range of 14 to 21 named storms, 60% of which could turn into hurricanes.

Protecting your property from hurricane damage is of the utmost importance for homeowners. Not sure how to prepare your pool for a hurricane? Keep reading to learn how.

1. Keep Water Levels Normal

If you know a hurricane is coming, you don’t want to drain your pool. To prepare your pool for a hurricane, you’ll want to make sure your water levels are normal.

Your pool is at risk of popping up out of the ground because of excess groundwater pressure. Swimming pool water will add weight to your pool and prevent this.

2. Turn Off the Power

To keep the pool’s electrical system intact after a big storm, shut down all power that leads to the system. Doing so will protect the following pool equipment:

  • Heaters
  • Pool pump
  • Chlorinators
  • Pool lighting

Once you receive an alert that a hurricane is coming, shut down pool power from your circuit breaker.

3. Protect External Pool Equipment

Turning off the power to external equipment can help protect it, but you can go a step further. Wrap your pool heaters, pumps, and time clock in waterproof plastic.

This extra layer of protection can prevent water and debris from damaging equipment components.

4. Trim Bushes and Trees

You don’t always have time for hurricane pool prep in Texas, but if you get an alert early enough, trim surrounding bushes and trees to protect your pool.

Even if your pool is made from a durable material, it can crack from heavy falling objects.

To prevent this from being an issue, trim your trees around the pool area before hurricane season begins in Texas.

5. Shock the Pool

Another way to protect your pool during a hurricane is to give it an extra dose of chlorine. Shock the pool and let the system run for a few hours for circulation.

This helps prep the pool for the extra rainwater coming through.

6. Clear Patio Furniture

Naturally, you should clear the pool area of patio furniture and any pool toys laying out. You don’t want your items damaged during a hurricane or potentially falling into the pool and damaging it.

You can bring them inside, weigh them down, or store them in a sheltered area.

7. Don’t Cover It

If you have an expensive pool cover, you shouldn’t risk damaging it during a hurricane.

A pool cover can prevent debris from entering the pool during a storm. However, it’s easier to get debris out rather than to purchase a new cover.

8. Take Pictures

If you have insurance that covers hurricane damage, it’s important to take pictures of your pool before the storm. This will work as proof if anything were to get damaged by the hurricane.

Take Action and Prepare Your Pool for a Hurricane

Hurricane season in Texas is just beginning so now is the best time to prepare your pool for a hurricane. There are things you can do before a storm warning such as trimming trees and having a place to put your outdoor items.

If you get an alert that a hurricane is approaching, it’s best to follow the tips in this guide.

Escape Pools can help with any damages your pool and outdoor landscaping incur during hurricane season. Contact Escape Pools now to learn more about our pool build and pool maintenance services.