Brilliant Color Pool Lighting Ideas

Brilliant Color Pool Lighting Ideas

Brilliant Color Pool Lighting Ideas To Bring Pure Enjoyment


Now more than ever, Americans have been enjoying pool ownership. There are now more than 10 million swimming pools in the nation. The growing number of unique custom inground swimming pools puts ownership in reach for millions more.

With the vast designs in the new construction of swimming pools, people are looking for ways to make their swimming situation more unique. Swimming pool lights are one way to bring incredible ambiance to your backyard.

Read on to learn about brilliant color pool lighting ideas. Explore the best tips for how to light a pool and unique pool lighting ideas.


Pool Reflections


Water naturally reflects light, and you can tap into this mirror effect. The best part of this idea is that it does not require any work on the pool itself.

String lights are a popular way to achieve the desired effect. You can install fence posts in large planters using concrete and soil.

The next step is screwing hooks at the top of the fence posts. Now you can hang the string lights and connect them to each fence post around the pool. The result is dim and beautiful lighting over your pool that adds illumination via the mirror effect.


Pool Wall Lights


Typically, pools are illuminated with a single halogen bulb. They are installed at one end of the pool and cast a powerful light over the vast majority of the pool.

However, advancements in lightning technology give pool owners more choices. Magnetic lighting kits allow you to add colors and effects to your pool walls.

Many pool owners now opt to install LED lights instead of large halogen bulbs. While they are initially more expensive, the benefit comes shortly after.

LED pool wall lights produce a brighter illumination than halogen. They also can last up to 15 or 20 years instead of requiring annual replacement.

Like magnetic lighting kits, LED lighting systems allow for color changes and effects. You can light up your pool red, white, and blue on the 4th of July or in support of your favorite sports team.

Fiber optic pool lights are another option. The power source and bulbs are easy to access as they are located outside the pool. However, the lighting output is dimmer than halogen or LED.


Surrounding Structures


You can light up surrounding structures to make your pool look more beautiful at night. Landscape lighting on surrounding trees, shrubs, or hardscapes is perfect.

It is also effective to light up sidewalks and walkways around the pool. On a budget, this is accomplished with solar lights or tiki torches.

Many pool owners benefit from waterfalls, water fountains, and other types of water features. You can strategically place pool lights within these features to make a mini show. They are an excellent way to bring brilliant color to any swimming pool.

Have you thought about lighting your poolscape with fire bowls alongside the pool while the water flows beautifully into the pool? Sounds impressive, right?


Brilliant Color Pool Lighting Ideas, fire bowls


Your Guide to Unique Pool Lighting Ideas


You are now ready to get creative with your pool lighting. There are so many unique strategies, both inside and outside your pool.

If you want to get creative and make your inground swimming pool area the best it can be, contact Escape Pools.

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