Bryan College Station Pool Builder

Bryan College Station Pool Builder: Escape Pools

Bryan College Station Pool Builder: Escape Pools

Owning a home in College Station, Texas will cost you about $315k on average. Yet, the price of buying a house increases if it has features like a pool.
Instead of paying extra for a home with a pool that you don’t like as much, consider building your own pool! A custom pool builder can create the pool of your dreams.
Having a custom pool is ideal for many homeowners and Escape Pools can help. Keep reading to learn about our pool-building process and what we can do for you.

Pool Layout and Design

Our pool builder process starts with a consultation with designers and engineers. We’ll come up with a design that fits your ground area and show you different layouts.
If you have a specific style in mind, we can make it happen! You’ll want to make a decision before an excavation crew starts to dig.
Depending on how many revisions are necessary to complete your perfect layout, this step of the process can take up to a week.

The Dig

You’ll be able to see your backyard transform into the shape of your new pool during the dig. An excavation crew will come in and complete the dig in about two days.
From there, our company can work with you and the city to pull the right permits.

Steel Installation

In about week three, the steel installation process takes place and lasts around two days.
A pool builder will bend and form the steel into the shape of your preferred pool design.

Plumbing and Electrical

Plumbing and electrical are two of the most important parts of installing your custom pool.
The features of your pool can determine how complicated the plumbing is. A plumber will install the circulation, main drain system, and skimmer.
The flowing systems you choose will be installed at this time as well. For example, if you opt for the following water features:

  • Therapy jets
  • Deck jets
  • Waterfalls
  • Rain arcs
  • Water fountain
  • Sheer descents

This can take up to a week to complete. You’ll need the necessary permits for electrical and plumbing before this step of the process can begin.

Shotcrete, Tile, and Decking

Pressurized concrete is placed and sculpted to your design. The placement and drying take about three days.
Once dry, decorative tiles are placed on the parameter which takes approximately a week to complete. However, it is dependent on the square footage and design of your pool.

Interior Finish

Interior finish refers to the concrete coating applied to the floor and walls of the swimming pool. This takes three days to complete. Once the plastering process is over, water is applied to the swimming pool.

Pool Start-up

A start-up technician will test your new pool to ensure its functioning properly. They can also clean the pool and tile deck for you.
After cleaning, the technician will balance the water and start the chlorine. It takes a few days to completely blue the pool.
The final coating is then added to the deck to complete the pool construction process. If you opted for landscaping, it’ll be the last step to building your own pool.

Bryan College Station Pool Builder: Hire a Professional From Escape Pools!

The cost to build a pool is much more worth it if you choose a custom build. Escape Pools is your go-to for a Bryan College Station pool builder!
We provide top-notch services for homeowners who want their dream pool. Through the above process, you’ll have your own swimming pool just in time for summer!
Contact Escape Pools today to get started.