Build a Basic Backyard Pool on a Budget

Build a Basic Backyard Pool on a Budget

How To Build a Basic Pool on a Budget

If your budget is tight, but you really want an inground swimming pool, you may think you are just out of luck. You figure out that your dream pool can only happen if you win the lottery.

However, your low budget does not mean you are out of luck and cannot get the pool you have always wanted. We have great news for you if you have been dreaming of lounging in your backyard and swimming. Let us discuss how we can design and build a pool to meet your budget.


Low Budget Pool Ideas


Pool design has been changing in the last few years. In the past, most pools were cookie-cutter shapes and sizes with no way of altering the shape and size. As a result, pool builders were all about one-size-fits-all pools.

Now pool builders like Escape Pools are as creative as pool buyers want them to be. Pools can be designed and built to meet lower costs. In addition, they can now be square, circular, rectangular, long, and narrow. 

Free-form pools are a trendy style trending now. Free-form pools take the shape that best fits into the backyard. They are more natural-looking than the traditional pool shape. Many of these free-form pools have the perfect inground pool design for those on a budget.


Size and Additional Features


The size and additional features will play a significant role when on a low budget. But, of course, the more extreme you go with waterfalls, grottos, fountains, bubblers, deck jets and more, the overall cost of your pool will be higher.

However, if you stick with a small pool, the cost will definitely be less than yesterday’s traditional size pool. Cocktail pools, spools and plunge pools are a great choice when on a budget.

Cocktail pools and spools are generally less than 400 square feet and can be oval, round, square or rectangular. The size can be as small as 8 x 8 feet and get bigger. Benches, heaters and jets can be added to them.

Plunge pools can be the same size; however, the depth is usually deeper and no less than 5 feet. These pools are perfect for fitness and aerobics.


Swimming Pool Ideas for the Backyard


If you’re looking for inground swimming pool ideas and are on a budget, it is best to speak with a reputable pool builder such as Escape Pools, who builds custom pools, not cookie-cutter ones. Custom pools can be designed to meet low budgets.

Do you have any ideas as to what you would like? Maybe you were vacationing and used a small pool at an Air B&B. There might have been a small swimming pool you used at a friend’s or neighbor’s house. You may have various pool designs on television, in a magazine, or online that you just loved. All those ideas can be an inspiration for your new pool. Just let our team at Escape Pools know. Let us reflect your personality in your new pool and keep it within your budget.


Build Your Dream Pool on A Budget Today

If you are on a budget and want that dream pool, please contact Escape Pools. We are ready to assist you and build the pool you have always wanted.