Can A Existing Pool Be Modified?

Can A Existing Pool Be Modified?

Modifying an Existing Pool: Transforming Depth, Shape, and Features

Swimming pool homeowners may find themselves in a position where they desire changes to their existing pool. Whether it’s altering the depth, changing the overall footprint, or adding new features, pool modifications offer an opportunity to enhance the space’s functionality, aesthetics, and enjoyment.

Here we discuss the feasibility and considerations involved in modifying an existing pool, including adjusting the depth, changing the shape, plumbing system modifications, adding a sun ledge, incorporating water features, and more.

Modifying Pool Depth

Believe it or not, changing the depth of an existing pool is one of the most common modification requests, which involves increasing or decreasing it to accommodate homeowners and their families changing lifestyles. For example, the once small children are not so tiny anymore as they have grown into teenagers and young adults. Therefore, their swimming pool needs have obviously changed.

On the other hand, you may be just starting a family with little ones, so the deep depth may not be so suitable anymore. Decreasing the depth and adding a sun shelf with no more than one to two feet is needed for the little ones to play.

Modifying pool depth is complex but can be done; however, it requires professional expertise to ensure structural integrity and adherence to safety standards.

Altering Pool Shape

Homeowners may also wish to change the shape of their pool to optimize their backyard space better. Modifying the form can involve anything from subtle adjustments to complete overhauls. Again, it can be done, but you must consult with an expert pool builder and designer who can assess the feasibility of the modification, considering factors such as the existing structure, landscaping, and potential impact on the pool’s functionality.

Adding a Sun Ledge

As we mentioned, a sun ledge, a tanning ledge or Baja shelf, continues to trend high with modern pool designs. This shallow area within the pool provides a relaxing space to lounge or place sun loungers (ledge loungers) partially submerged in water. Adults can sit back and simultaneously enjoy the sun and the water trickling on their feet. Adding a sun ledge to an existing pool is a great way to enhance adult comfort and let those little ones play safely, while supervised by an adult.

Consider adding a few bubblers, and you are all set!

Can A Existing Pool Be Modified?

Incorporating Water Features

Undoubtedly, water features are an amazing addition to any pool. How about those neighbors whom you adorn their inground swimming pool because of the soothing sounds and beautiful ambiance of their water features?

Today there are so many types that the choice can be overwhelming. But with careful planning and consideration of the pool’s layout, filtration system, and plumbing, why not go for it?

Plumbing System Modifications

When making changes to a pool’s structure, it is crucial to consider the modifications needed for the plumbing system. Plumbing modifications may be required to accommodate new return lines, drainage, or additional water features. This involves assessing and adjusting the existing plumbing infrastructure to ensure proper water circulation, filtration, and drainage.

Aesthetic Enhancements

Apart from structural modifications, numerous aesthetic enhancements can transform the look and feel of an existing pool. These include updating the pool’s tile work, resurfacing the interior, adding lighting fixtures, or incorporating decorative elements like mosaics. These modifications can breathe new life into an aging pool, enhancing its overall appearance and creating a more enjoyable swimming experience.

Are You Looking To Modify Your Existing Pool?

Modifying an existing pool allows homeowners to customize their swimming space to meet their changing lifestyles. Whether it involves altering the pool’s depth, changing its shape, adding water features, or incorporating aesthetic enhancements, careful planning, consultation with professionals, and adherence to safety standards are crucial.

By working with Escape Pools, premier Texas pool contractors and designers, homeowners can transform their existing pool into a fabulous pool paradise that combines functionality, beauty, and increased enjoyment for years to come.

Contact Escape Pools to learn more about modifying your existing pools and the wonderful ideas we can offer you.