Color-Changing LED Pool Lights: Break Out Of Your White Comfort Zone

Color-Changing LED Pool Lights: Break Out Of Your White Comfort Zone

You Have More Options With Color-Changing LED Pool Lights Than Just Plain White


Colorful Pool Lights Can Be Yours With Color-Changing LED Pool Lights

Is it time to break out of your white comfort zone and bring fantastic color to your pool? If so, continue to read this blog as we provide you with a complete guide to color-changing LED pool lights.

Can You Change a Pool Light LED?

The answer is yes, you can change your pool light LED. When your pool light burns out, the bulb can be removed from its location in your pool and replaced with a new bulb. The most common color for pool lights is white, but that can change. The process of changing out your pool light is the same whether the bulb puts out a white light or colored lights. Some bulbs are only one color, and some bulbs change color. LED pool lights save energy, regardless of the color you choose.

How Do I Change the Color of My Pool Light?

LED pool lights that change color does so with a switch’s touch. This can be done with a remote control from the comfort of inside your home, on your patio, or at the light itself.

When you are looking for new ways to jazz up your swimming pool, consider changing the color of the LED pool lights. This is a simple option whether you put in a new pool or revamp your existing pool. White swimming pool lights put off a certain glow that can help put a calm spell over you. Take a chance on something different when you change the color of your pool lights, making it possible to experience new feelings.

What Are Different Color LED Lights Good For?

Using colored LED pool lights is a favorite way to add a unique feature to your swimming pool. Different color pool lights can be just for fun, or you can change the colors for different holidays or other festivities. In addition, you can change the overall mood of your pool by switching to a different color. For example, the color of your pool floor might look nice with a particular color of lighting. You can even choose to light your pool with your favorite color.

Different colors of LED pool lights can signify activities in the pool. One-color can mean it’s time for young swimmers to have the run of the pool. The lighting can change when it’s time for older swimmers to have a turn. For example, public pools might have one color of LED pool lights for aerobics class and another color for lap swimming.

LED Color Changing Light Bulb

At Escape Pools, we install the best LED color-changing light bulbs. In addition, we partner with Hayward Pool Products who carries one of the most extensive lines of LED pool lights, including color-changing LED bulbs. Their inventory covers LED lighting for home swimming pools and commercial pools. Using LED pool lights that Escape Pools installs for you helps ensure that time spent in and around your pool will be memorable and colorful.

Learn More About Color-Changing LED Pool Lights

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