Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Texas Homes

Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Texas Homeowners

Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas For Inspiration

You’ve seen them on HGTV and the Food Network: outdoor kitchens! They look so great, and you’ve wondered what does it take to build one?

They aren’t as hard to build as you think. For example, you can make a covered outdoor kitchen a grand center for backyard entertaining or a private family retreat in the backyard.

The key to having the perfect outdoor kitchen is to think through a few things first.

Think Through the Uses of Your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen designs always start with the purpose of the space and the placement of the kitchen.

Does your backyard have plenty of room? Do you want to entertain crowds or have intimate gatherings?

These are the questions you will have to think through before you move into designing a space. The purpose of your space will often dictate the type of space you want to build.

Does a covered outdoor kitchen and bar sound great? You may want a table area or just a bar area. You may wish for the kitchen to be a walkthrough to a pool or the centerpiece of your backyard.

Texas Weather and the Covered Outdoor Kitchen

Texas weather has one common theme besides being very hot; it is very unpredictable. With these thoughts in mind, you want to consider having a covered outdoor kitchen. 

Covered Outdoor Kitchen Structures

Pergolas look great and, in a suitable climate, can be the perfect covering. However, the Texas sun may be a little intense for a simple pergola without adding some covering for protection from the sun. 

Some people build a gazebo type of outdoor kitchen. This is the round or octangle-shaped structure that adds distinction to your area. This would work well for a more intimate feel.

Permanent pavilion-type structures can be built attached or stand-alone. These are permanent and look fantastic when they match the home’s architectural decor. However, they can be custom-made in any size, shape, and form with a wide array of materials available.

Canopies provide the most flexibility and coverage. You won’t have to worry about the sun or the random rainstorm when you have a full-sized canopy. Canopies can also be of different sizes and materials, depending on your design.

Outdoor Kitchen Things to Remember

Outdoor kitchens will need plumbing for the water and electrical or gas for the appliances. You may also consider adding extra electricity for fans to keep you cool in the heat and help with ventilation.

Heaters also are an excellent addition during the cold snaps that can happen in Texas winters. Many people add speakers and a TV for parties and have the game on when friends are over.

The number of people you plan to feed will dictate the size of your grill and other appliances. The type of cooking you want to do will also help you pick what appliances you have outside.

Covered Outdoor Kitchen Plans and Cost

When designing an outdoor kitchen to fit the space and a lifestyle, it is essential to put the proper plans in place.

When hiring the right company, they will have the expertise to know all that is needed to meet one’s needs and can create a design unique to the homeowner.

Now comes the cost. The cost of building a cover for your outdoor kitchen will vary depending on the size, materials, appliances, plumbing and more. However, with the right design of plans, the cost will meet one’s budget, and items that are not needed will be eliminated, which will keep the price down.

The Perfect At-Home Vacation

The beauty of creating a covered outdoor kitchen to entertain is making a vacation feel without leaving your yard. Friends and family will love coming over, and you can relax without ever having to leave your home.

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