Creative Underwater Pool Seating Ideas

Creative Underwater Pool Seating Ideas

Swimming pools have so many great benefits that provide wonderful experiences and memories – outdoor parties, competitive sports, satisfying workouts, and cooling off on hot summer days. But well beyond that, swimming pools are a lifestyle choice, an extension of your home, and often a feature that brings people together. And what can bring people together better than underwater pool seating?

According to statistics, the market size of the swimming pool industry in the United States is projected to reach $1.3 billion in 2022. That has undoubtedly inspired many to channel their creative visions and bring that element into their backyards.

Below we start off by discussing a bit about inground pools and why they are great, followed by innovative pool seating ideas that will make your swimming pool the star of the neighborhood!


What’s Great About an Inground Pool

A recent survey showed 10.7 million swimming pools in the United States, with 60 percent of those residential inground pools. That is 6,100,000 inground pools nationwide!

Here are some of the excellent advantages of inground swimming pools 

Space is Unlimited

Custom inground pools allow for expansion with few structural restrictions.

Less Prone To Damage

An inground pool is less likely to be damaged and directly affected by rough weather.

Structural Solidity

The concrete/gunite is solid, contributing significantly to the pool’s structural integrity.

Long Lifespan

An adequately maintained inground swimming pool has an average lifespan of 25 years or longer.

Increases Home Value

The addition of an inground pool can increase your home’s value by as much as seven percent, according to a recent study.


Inspiring Underwater Pool Seating Ideas

Who says pools are just for swimming? The advantages of built-in seating not only promote relaxation but also improve guest interaction without ever requiring them to leave the pool.

Here are some innovative underwater pool seating ideas to change your customized swimming pool from average to awe-inspiring:

Underwater Pool Bench Seat

You can create in-pool seating with a backrest by strategically positioning a built-in bench around the inside edge of your pool.

Underwater Pool Bar Stools

Bar stools allow 360-degree viewing while seated, allowing you to face any direction. Adding a swim-up bar can add fun, flow, and functionality.

Stairs and Bench

As part of a stair feature, benches can be extended to create a seating area that is both practical and visually appealing.

Soak Chairs

Underwater soak chairs can be fun and versatile, whether used to soak up the rays or provide a shallow play area for children. These chairs are perfect for tanning ledges and sun shelfs.

Creative Underwater Pool Seating Ideas, pool soak chairs

Table with Seating

Construct a table within and build seating around it. Use tile as the material on the table and add a built-in umbrella to spruce up the look. Who’s ready for a cocktail?

Creative Underwater Pool Seating Ideas, table with seating and built in umbrella


Add Pool Lighting to the Seating Areas

LED lights are a cost-effective, eco-friendly, safety-enhanced feature that will complement your underwater pool seating when hosting evening parties. Customize with color-changing lights to jazz up the ambiance!


Visualize Equals Materialize

Building your dream swimming pool shouldn’t restrict you from staying within the confines of a traditional pool but rather reflect your personality.

The objective of a good craftsman is to accommodate your creative vision, prioritize and personalize your needs, and construct a safe, durable, low-maintenance, and top-notch pool.

Imagine being able to provide memorable experiences while keeping everyone relaxed and engaged. Have your dedicated inground pool builder create a seating area directly in your pool, and entertaining will never be the same!


Turning Vision Into Reality

Pool seating ideas and their many benefits are right at your fingertips.

Our passion is to help you recognize your creative aspirations. By taking that first step, you will discover that building the custom swimming pool of your dreams will be an investment that keeps on giving.

Let us guide you to building the swimming pool you’ve always dreamed of!