Custom Patio Cover Ideas For Your Kingwood TX Home

Custom Patio Cover Ideas For Your Kingwood TX Home

Custom Patio Cover Ideas For Your Kingwood TX Home

Did you know that installing a patio cover can add value to your home? It’s one of the top projects that will increase your ROI (return on investment). Not only will it increase your home’s ROI, but it will also allow you to spend more time outdoors.

Don’t let the rainy days and hot temperatures of Texas deter you from enjoying your backyard. Patio covers are an excellent solution to help you get more enjoyment out of your patio.

If you want to block out the blistering sun and stay covered during the rain, check out these patio cover ideas for your Kingwood Tx home here.

Patio Cover 101

Before we dive into custom patio cover ideas, first things first: what is a patio cover? For patio newbies, it can be a stand-alone structure and also one that is attached to your house. Typically when one refers to a patio cover they think of the type attached to the home, however, the term can also refer to stand-alone structures such as pavilions, pergolas and gazebos which are the most common. They can have a solid roof that will provide protection from the outside environmental elements, or they can be open on top. Typically, the open roof structures, such as pergolas, are more decorative, where various pots and plants can be intertwined.

Metal Patio Cover Ideas

If you are on a budget and searching for the least expensive patio cover ideas, look no further than metal. It is lightweight, easy to install, and is durable since it is rot-resistant. Metals like aluminum are also easy to clean and can come in custom colors that are pre-painted to match your home.

Wood Patio Covers

For homeowners that like a classic look, you might want to consider wood patio cover ideas. It is infinitely adaptable to create unique looks with wood accents and textures with different lumber types, stains, and finishes. While wood will require more upkeep than metal, it offers a wide range of designs that will give your backyard that wow factor.

Vinyl Coverings

For support pressure-treated wood is used to build vinyl patio covers. Then a PVC sleeve is added around the exterior. This type of cover is extremely durable and also easy to maintain.

Cloth Patio Covers

For those who want backyard patio cover ideas that are easy to remove or change, a cloth cover could be the answer. Some many modern shapes and styles will elevate your patio. Plus, they’re lightweight and flexible and can be easily attached to a backyard pergola if you have one.

Custom Patio Cover Ideas Bonus Tips

When deciding what kind of patio cover design you want to go with, don’t forget to consider what you’d like to use it for. If you are big on entertaining, you might want to add a kitchenette area. Keep it cool and install ceiling fans and decorative lights, or explore patio cover ideas to give it an updated look from top to bottom.

Find Your Perfect Patio Cover Today

Now that you’ve learned about some of the top backyard patio cover ideas, you can make a selection with confidence. Whether you opt for a classic wood or budget-friendly metal, it’s easy to find a match for your budget and style. And don’t forget to consider the climate and your needs when you design it.

If you’re ready to explore patio cover options for your Kingwood TX home, contact us here. Escape Pools provides top-notch service for the Greater Houston area and can assist you with your backyard design dreams.