Escape To Paradise: Top 5 Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Escape To Paradise: Top 5 Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Outdoor Living Space Ideas You Do Not Want To Miss

Many people like the idea of getting out of the house without having actually to leave their property─ especially post-pandemic. A study showed that more than 50% of Americans they’ve invested in outdoor space renovations. In this case, you need to have an outdoor living space that gets you excited to spend time out there.

If you’re interested in creating a relaxing outdoor space, keep reading. Our guide helps you cut to the chase with a few backyard living area ideas that can quickly transform your outdoor living space. Here are outdoor living space ideas for upgrading your home.

Incorporate a Custom Inground Swimming Pool and Spa

Custom inground swimming pools and spas can make every homeowner’s outdoor living dream a reality. When well-designed, inground swimming pools and spas are inviting pieces that easily fit into a home’s exterior design and accentuate the home’s natural style.

In fact, real estate experts say an inground pool can boost a home’s resale value by 5%-8%. If your home already has an inground pool, you may want to consider investing in a variety of add-ons and update ideas to transform your pool.

Building a custom inground swimming pool or replacing an above-ground pool will mean considering your needs. An inground swimming pool design should match your home’s standards, design, and taste.

Entrusting an experienced pool designer is your best bet for creating your dream swimming pool. Explore the before and after pool design galleries. Review portfolios to confirm your pool designer’s suitability for your project.

Escape To Paradise: Top 5 Outdoor Living Space Ideas, pool and spa

Create a Spectacle With Water Features

Adding a water feature is another excellent outdoor space idea, as it complements your updated custom inground pool. A water feature affects moods and feelings and enlivens your outdoor space.

Your swimming pool is a still space providing a reflective oasis for a soothing experience. A water feature creates a centerpiece to deflect potential distractions from your meditative hub.

A water feature is one of the best artistic options to elevate aesthetics and add personality to backyard patio living ideas. It should be simple and designed to create an impactful backyard that appeals to you.

Escape Pools, Texas, can offer you inspiring water feature ideas to enhance your outdoor living space. From simple fountains to create a gentle sound of streaming water to a dramatic free-rock waterfall to spectacular rain sheers, you’ll find what strikes your fancy.

The best thing about pool water features is you have unlimited design options to create an enticing outdoor space. For example, if your pool features an elevated custom inground spa, you can attach a spillover to create a peaceful swooshing sound when water spills into the pool.

Beyond that, pool water feature ideas comprise inexpensive options such as sconces, jets, and bubblers and high-end options such as grotto waterfalls. So, regardless of your budget, you’ll find a feature to turn your poolscape into a chic outdoor oasis.

Make Outdoor Living Spaces Cozier With a Fireplace

Outdoor living space ideas are typically useful when people want to make the most of summer. A refreshing swimming session under the sweltering summer heat makes all the sense. Not to forget the bonding star-watching nights with your loved ones before you part for sleep.

Fireplaces are heaven-sent because they can make your backyard useful and inviting throughout the year. When nights become cooler, you can have a cozy place to gather and commune with your family and friends.

Like every backyard living area idea, a fireplace should suit your needs. Consider why you need to add fire features to your outdoor space to determine its design and the best place to place it.

For example, a more functional fire pit is probably more suitable if you want to spend winter nights with family and friends. A fire pit table may provide the appropriate warmth for chilly nights than a stylish centerpiece.

You may also consider if you’re building for convenience or functionality. Fire pit tables are portable and likely to suit your flexibility needs. The traditional fireplace may cost more, but it creates a multi-functional gathering place that boosts your home’s value.

Bring Your Kitchen Into the Updated Outdoors

Kitchen’s have outgrown being an introverted space limited to indoor living. The ample outdoor living space idea today is taking the kitchen out of the confines of the indoor space.

Adding a fire pit and a grill on the porch are common ways to bring the kitchen outdoors. A firepit and a grill on top of your outdoor kitchen’s countertop can give you the best of two worlds.

Another one of the most creative covered outdoor living space ideas is integrating your kitchen into your poolscape. The design focuses on your convenience as your kitchen master can join in the fun during your big days.

Complete outdoor kitchens with a set of bar stools placed right next to your custom inground swimming pool create a party mood straightaway. The setup provides your cooking team and guests with a perfect relaxing spot.

Complete Your Makeover With an Outdoor Shade

An outdoor shade is an ultimate accessory to complement your outdoor living space ideas. Come rain or shine─ you’ll want a safe space to relax or run to and maintain the current experience.

The best outdoor shade ideas include adding a patio cover or pergolas. A pergola creates a comfortable outdoor room while making your space inviting.

A pergola is not just an extension of livable space but also protection for your outdoor accessories and the home. The element shields your furniture and decor from the harsh weather and ensures you enjoy your space all year round.

Escape To Paradise: Top 5 Outdoor Living Space Ideas, patio cover for shade


Choose Your Outdoor Living Space Ideas

The simple trick to creating an outdoor design you’ll love is to focus on your personality and needs. Your backyard should be a paradise to create great memories for you, your family and your friends.

You may want to figure out how to take on or combine the ideas in our guide to create your dream backyard. Escape Pools, Texas, whatever design you envision can turn into reality. Contact us for help implementing these outdoor living space ideas to create your paradise.