6 Family Pool Fun Games For Adults & Kids

6 Family Pool Fun Games For Adults & Kids

The Best Family Games for Some Outdoor Pool Fun

Research shows that quality time with your family increases health and happiness. There is no better way to cool off during the summer than outdoor family pool fun!

This article outlines some pool party ideas for swimming pool games for adults and kids. We have included something suitable for all ages. You’ll have the best time and make a splash with your kids!


Rubber Duck Racing

You will need a selection of rubber ducks in different colors for this game. You could also write numbers on them or draw on silly features like glasses or mustaches.

Each player has to splash or blow their duck across the pool to the finish line. No one can touch their own duck or other people’s ducks, or they will get disqualified!

This game is ideal for small children, especially if you are playing in a shallow pool.


Family Pool Fun Games For Adults & Kids, rubber duck races


Master of Buckets

Find four large buckets or boxes and fill two of them to the top with water. Place the two full buckets at one end of the pool and the empty ones at the other.

The players then take cups or water bottles and scoop water out of the full buckets. They then have to swim across the pool and put it into the empty buckets.

The aim is to transport all the water across to fill up the empty bucket. If you have more than two players or a longer pool, you could play as a relay.


Pirate Treasure

For pool safety reasons, this game requires players to swim underwater confidently. So it isn’t suitable for younger children.

Sink some big and small items to the bottom of the pool. Then you can time each person how long they take to collect them. Or you can have many players collecting simultaneously, and whoever gets the most items wins.

If teenagers play, try more difficult items like coins or transparent objects. Don’t use anything sharp or made of glass.


Pool Noodle Jousting

This game is great if you have some big inflatables that you can sit on. Two players have to duel using a pool noodle.

The loser is either the first person to fall off their inflatable or the first to drop their noodle. The loser has to push the winner around the pool on their inflatable as a victory lap.


Family Pool Fun Games For Adults & Kids, pool noodle jousting


Shark vs. Dolphins

This game is a classic for family pool fun, as it is a watery version of tag. One person starts as a shark, and the rest are dolphins (or another sea creature if you prefer).

The shark has to try and catch the dolphins as they swim away. Once a dolphin gets caught, the player can either sit out, or they can become a shark too. The last dolphin swimming is the winner! Then that person gets to be the shark on the next game.

This can be quite a high-intensity game, so it is excellent for getting some exercise in while playing!


Swimming Olympics

The final idea is that you could play all these swimming games as part of a tournament. Keep track of who wins and loses and give points.

Then at the end of the day, the winner gets a special ice cream or trophy. But really, everyone wins when it comes to having fun with outdoor pool games!

Remember to keep everyone hydrated and put sunscreen on regularly throughout the games.


So Much Outdoor Family Pool Fun!

Playing and having outdoor pool fun is the best way to unwind with friends and family. If your kids are home, these swimming pool activities will keep boredom at bay!

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Get in touch today to find out more and start having lots of family pool fun.