Freeform vs. Geometric? What’s Your Style?

Freeform vs. Geometric? What's Your Style?

Freeform vs. Geometric, What To Know

So you live in the great, diverse, and large Lone Star state of Texas, which is known for its iconic foods; barbecue, tex-mex, breakfast tacos, chili and chicken fried steak, to name a few. As the Texan culture dramatically influences the state’s identity, everyone has their likes and dislikes.

Whether you are a Texan native or new to the state, each region has its specialties. However, this is not only when it comes to food; it comes to one’s lifestyle and their home’s architectural style.

Are you a native Texan homeowner or a new Texan homeowner? Does your backyard meet your expectations and fulfill your needs and lifestyle? Do you want more? If so, have you considered a custom inground swimming pool?

If not, can we inspire you to think about one? If the answer is yes, fantastic! Let’s get started.


Geometric vs. Freeform

The first step in designing an inground pool is deciding on the shape and size. Generally, inground swimming pools are either geometric which is referred to as rectangular or square and freeform, which has curves and is a more natural-looking design.

When choosing the shape, the size and layout of the backyard will be a key factor, as well as the decor of the home and backyard. But we must not forget the lifestyle of those using the pool.

Now let us provide you with some information on each to help you decide.


Geometric Pools

Geometric pools have straight and clean lines. They are best suited for those who want to achieve a modern look. They are always in style and offer many benefits such as:

  • Great for swimming laps
  • An excellent idea when wanting to incorporate an infinity edge
  • Symmetrical layers can be easily added. For example a pool spa.
  • Geometric pools will give you a greater perimeter area for swimming.
  • Due to their increased perimeter footage, the initial cost can be higher than a freeform, but this all depends on the additional features.



Freeform Pools

Freeform pools are customized with different curves and provide a more natural look. They can be designed to blend beautifully within your backyard landscape. The freeform pool shape is an excellent choice for a tropical and exotic look.

As with geometric shape pools, freeform pools have their benefits such as:

  • Offers an excellent natural appearance.
  • Unique customization options.
  • It can be built to fit any size backyard, whether small or large.


Freeform Pool vs. Geometric Pool, freeform


Geometric vs. Freeform? What’s Your Style?

At Escape Pools, we can help you escape into the wonders of your backyard. Let us help you decide what a better choice, geometric vs. freeform, is.

During our initial consultation, we will discuss your backyard’s layout, home-style, needs, desires, budget and what you will be using the pool for.

Once we decide on the shape and style of your new custom pool, we can discuss all of the excellent additional features to keep your pool simple or make it lavishly large. In addition, we will offer you a wide array of options to complete your poolscape, such as the pool’s decking materials. Finally, if you are ready to do a total backyard makeover, we can design a custom outdoor kitchen with a unique pergola and amazing fire features to enhance it.