Guide To Choosing Pool Tiles

Guide To Choosing Pool Tiles

The Complete Guide to Choosing  Pool Tiles

According to a Forbes Advisor, the average cost of an in-ground pool is $35,000, however, with additional features, it can run upwards of $65,000. There are so many elements to a new pool build that are involved when finalizing a price.

In this article, we would like to talk about choosing pool tiles and how can you make the most out of your budget while making sure you are getting exactly what you want?

Where to Begin Choosing Swimming Pool Tiles

Swimming pool tiles play a huge part in how your pool looks, functions, and how long it lasts. If you’re looking to resurface an existing pool or design a custom pool, we’re here to help you in the decision-making process.

Check out our tips on how to choose pool tiles that are best for you!

Establish a Budget

Creating a budget for your pool project is the first step in choosing pool tiles.  It can narrow down the options depending on the size of your project and how much you’d like to spend.

Establish Your Style

Do you want a classic blue pool look or are you going for something a little more intricate?  Perhaps you’re more into a natural and organic look.  Focusing on how you’d like your pool to look in the end will go a long way in choosing the right tile.

Focus on Safety

The most important factor in choosing swimming pool tiles is the safety of the tile.  No matter what tiles you choose, be sure they are slip-resistant to avoid falls in and around your pool.

What Type of Tiles Are Best for a Swimming Pool?

There are seemingly endless options when it comes to designing pools.  The look and feel of your pool space can be customized with one or more pool tile options.  Choose a style from the options below or mix and match to achieve the look you want!

No matter which tiles you choose for your pool, make sure they are:

  • slip-resistant
  • durable
  • non-porous

What Color Tile Should I Use in My Pool?

The pool tile color you choose will have the biggest impact on the overall look of the pool.  Blue or white tiles are the most popular choices and create a beautiful and relaxing oasis.

Mosaic designs or stripes add personality to your pool.  Adding pops of color or a design will have everyone talking about your new pool. These tiles are typically glass, porcelain, or ceramic.

If natural stone is more your style, you’re in luck! Stone is naturally slip-resistant and is a perfect option for a pool. Limestone, granite, and sandstone are some of the most popular natural stone choices.

What Is the Most Durable Pool Tile?

Porcelain or ceramic tiles remain popular because of their durability and lower cost.  You can create a beautiful and long-lasting pool that is water-resistant for a lower price.

Glass tile is a luxurious option that won’t warp or fade in the water and chemicals in your pool.  They don’t require much maintenance either!  Glass tiles create a shimmering look while also being highly durable.

Start Creating Your Dream Pool

With over 10.4 million pools in the United States, make sure yours stands out with these, “Guide To Choosing Pool Tiles” tips. Choosing swimming pool tiles is an exciting part of creating a pool that you will love.

There are so many pool tile ideas to choose from. Work with the pool building and design experts at Escape Pools in Texas to create your dream backyard space! We cannot wait to help you and start designing.