Guide To Gunite Inground Pool Cost & Construction

Guide To Gunite Inground Pool Cost and Construction

Gunite Inground Pool Cost and Construction

“Have you dreamed of turning your backyard into a tropical oasis?”

A beautiful gunite pool can transform your backyard from drab to fab.

Let your backyard become the talk of the neighborhood with a brand new inground gunite pool. Escape Pools and Spas has a variety of gunite pool designs to choose from.

If you are worried about gunite pool cost, continue reading to learn more. This quick guide will give you a breakdown of gunite inground pool costs.


Gunite Inground Pool Cost and Construction


How Much Does a Gunite Pool Cost

“You may be wondering what gunite is, and what makes it so special?”

Gunite can be defined as a concrete blend of cement, sand, and water. A high-pressure hose is used to apply the material, giving your pool the ultimate durability once cured. Gunite swimming pools are a popular option for versatility, allowing you to be as creative as you wish in designing your new swimming pool.

A gunite inground pool averages between $30,000 and $65,000 for a 14′ by 28′ pool. The price tag of your gunite pool will ultimately depend on how large you want your pool to be. The cost of an inground swimming pool varies, depending on different areas across the country. Remember this is just an average. Installing a small pool such as a cocktail pool can fall way below this average.

Another factor to keep in mind is additional features. Special features such as waterfalls, grottos, spas, colored lighting, and automation carry a higher price tag for their luxurious appeal. Large and lavish pools can cost upwards of $100,000.

For the most accurate estimate of your inground pool cost, it’s best to get a professional quote. With a personal custom quote, the demands of your budget can be met by discussing the costs upfront and designing the size and shape of the pool with additional features accordingly.

Gunite Inground Pool Construction

Before construction can take place on your brand new gunite inground swimming pool, building codes must be reviewed. Once the review process is complete, the needed permits will be obtained.

You can help prepare for the pool construction process by ensuring that your yard is clear. Move any lawn furniture that you have, plants, or physical obstacles that could hinder the construction process. Your yard must have open access.

Once your yard is free of any obstacles, construction is ready to begin. Contractors will carefully mark the boundaries of your future inground swimming pool. These markings often done in spray paint will show the desired shape and dimensions of your pool.

If you are unhappy with the anticipated placement of your swimming pool, this is your last opportunity to change its location. The following steps take place in the pool construction process once permits have been obtained:

  • Excavation
  • Rebar
  • Short plumb
  • Gunite
  • Tile and coping

Once the tile and coping have been completed, the finishing materials you select are carefully applied around the pool deck. Plaster is then applied to create the pool surface.


Gunite Inground Pool Cost and Construction


Let the Experts at Escape Pools Help

If you are interested in a new swimming pool but unsure of the cost, let Escape Pools help.

The professionals at Escape Pools will be happy to help you create the pool of your dreams with a detailed estimate. Don’t let gunite pool designs cost discourage you, financing is available, bringing you one step closer to the pool you’ve always wanted. And if you are worried about pool maintenance, no need to worry, Escape pools has you covered there as well.

Contact Escape Pools and Spas today, for your new custom inground gunite pool cost estimate.


Gunite Inground Pool Cost and Construction