Gunite Pool Construction, Montgomery TX

Gunite Pool Construction, Montgomery TX, gunite install,

Swimming is among the top five popular activities for Americans. If you love exercising and relaxing in the water, have you considered adding a pool to your home?

Choosing what kind of pool to build can seem overwhelming at first glance. Gunite pool construction is a popular and practical option.

Escape Pools are the pool construction experts in Montgomery, TX, that will help make your home an oasis. Your pool will become the crown jewel of your backyard and the place to relax and party with your family and friends.

You’ve got choices when it comes to home swimming pools. Here are a few reasons you should consider gunite concrete for your custom pools & spas in Montgomery, TX.


What is Gunite?

What is gunite, and why is it best for many types of swimming pools? Gunite is a mix of cement, sand, and water applied with a wet gun.

This means that the mixture is dry, not premixed with water. The person using the wet gun can add the right amount of moisture when spraying the gunite concrete.


Advantages of Gunite Swimming Pool Construction

Because gunite sprays on, it’s easy to apply. It sticks to surfaces better than regular concrete.

Gunite is more flexible, allowing pools to keep their shape. You can mix gunite with steel fibers to make it even stronger.


Making Your Custom Pools & Spas Montgomery TX Vision Come to Life

Ready to start building your custom dream pool? Here’s what to expect during pool construction.

First, all utility lines, like electric, water, or gas, are marked out. Next, the area is dug out with rebar and wood, reinforcing your pool’s shape.

Steel reinforcements and plumbing come next. Then, the gunite concrete is sprayed onto the framework.

Decorative tiling plus the surrounding concrete patio goes in after the gunite sets. At last, plaster is added to the pool, and once that’s dry, it’s time to fill it up with water and go for a swim!


Gunite Pool Construction, Montgomery TX, excavation, steel, plumbing stub


Gunite Pool Maintenance

What’s different about a gunite pool vs. other outdoor swimming pools? You’ll have to keep a few things in mind to maintain your gorgeous new pool.

Gunite pools can show signs of wear after a long while. Keeping up with the proper maintenance will extend its life. If you want to brighten it up, call a pool pro to refinish the surfaces and make them look as good as new.

Don’t forget to brush your pool often and keep up with chemical treatments to clear out any algae.


Reach Out to Gunite Pool Construction Experts in Montgomery TX

When designing custom pools & spas in Montgomery, TX, gunite is a choice material. Now that you know more about it, you can pick the best option for your property.

Have more questions about gunite swimming pool construction?  The professional gunite pool builders, Escape Pools, are here to walk you through the entire process every step of the way.

We want you to feel informed, empowered, and happy with your new gunite pool construction. Reach out to Escape Pools pool construction experts in Montgomery, TX, today to make your dream a reality. Let us help you start building wonderful and everlasting memories in your backyard.