How Long To Build a Pool in Texas?

How Long To Build a Pool in Texas?

How Long To Build a Pool in Texas?


I am looking to build a pool in Texas and wondering how long it will take? Does this sound familiar? Suppose you decide on having an inground swimming pool built in your Texas backyard, then you may wonder how long it will take.

Our Escape Pool team of expert custom inground pool designers, builders, electricians, plumbers, customer service and others are here to guide you to the length of time it will take to build an incredible inground custom swimming pool.

Your first challenge was getting a new pool, which may have taken a long time while you decided on your budget and if you can even pull it off. Once you have said “yes, let’s do it,” it is time to let the fun begin!


Choosing a Custom Inground Swimming Pool Builder


Now you need to find the perfect custom inground pool builder in Texas, one with a friendly staff and the knowledge and experience to build your incredible new backyard oases. Since you are still reading this, we would like you to consider us, Escape Pools & Spas. We can assure you that you will be choosing the best.

We offer you a free, no-obligation quote. During our initial consultation, we will view the layout and size of your backyard, discuss your budget, what you will be using the pool for and more. As your budget is undoubtedly essential, so will how you will use the pool. For example, some of us are into physical fitness, while others want to use the poolscape to relax, unwind and even entertain and party with family and friends.

Once you decide on our Escape Pool team as your custom inground pool builder of choice, your wondrous experience will begin.


How Long Does It Take To Build a Pool From Start to Finish?


New Custom Inground Swimming Pool Time Frame


Initial Phase

In the initial phase, a pool design will be created, including the pool and any additional features such as water features like waterfall placement and others. The design time frame will depend on the alterations made to the original design.

Second, permits will be filed, including the poolscape design, for approval from the town. This timeframe will depend on how long the city takes to review, request, and accept.


Excavating and digging the hole for the pool comes next. This process is generally quick, about a week; however, it will take longer if the desired pool location is difficult to access.

Installation of Pool Components

No matter the shape and size, all pools need the proper steel installed for the pool’s foundation and the correct plumbing and electrical components. This can take a week or two.

How Long To Build a Pool in Texas? steel, rebar

Gunite and Plaster Installation

Now the crew comes to apply the gunite and plaster for the concrete pool. This process can take two to three weeks because the gunite can sometimes take a week to cure.

Adding The Finishing Touches

Once the pool structure is complete, we add the water. In addition, we will build water features, slides, diving boards, customized lighting and other elements in the initial design. After, we can start with the pool decking and landscaping.


Choosing Escape Pools & Spas

Do not wait and stress over choosing a Texas pool builder and finding that you are waiting months to swim in your new inground pool. At Escape Pools & Spas, our custom inground swimming pool construction takes an average of 6-8 weeks. Contact us to learn more about us and our pool services. Let us help you start swimming and enjoying your new backyard poolscape sooner than later.