How To Choose the Perfect Pool Design

How To Choose the Perfect Pool Design

How To Choose the Perfect Pool Design

Have you decided or are you still considering having a new custom inground pool built in your backyard? In either case, you may be wondering, “How to choose the perfect pool design.” And you are not alone.

Should your pool match your house? What shape should my pool be? What’s the best position for a pool? These common questions are asked regularly when people begin to plan for a residential pool.  

Whether you are ready to begin today or are merely curious as to what a pool in your yard could look like, continue reading to find the answers to your home swimming pool design questions. 

How to Design a Pool Area

When designing your pool, the first thing to look at is the layout and size of the area you want to use. Is the area square or rectangle? Is there a hill, or is it flat? What size and shape of the pool is a good start, and where will it be placed due to existing or new landscaping.

Also, one must take into consideration the style of the home. Is your home contemporary, modern, traditional, colonial or other? This can play a vital role in the overall feel of the pool you want. For example, a geometric pool with straight lines can lend more toward a modern or traditional look, whereas a free-form pool will give a more relaxed garden and tropical feel.

Would you like to add additional features, like a waterfall, diving board, or barbeque area with an outdoor kitchen and fireplace? If so, these extra features need to be considered in the initial design.

Though it may not seem accurate, at times, the placement of the pool can influence a property value.

A perfect pool design starts with analyzing the backyard’s size, shape, layout, and home’s architectural style.

How to Choose the Perfect Pool Design

The size and shape of your pool, while affected by space, should also meet the demands of the homeowner’s lifestyle.

If you plan on swimming laps every day, a kidney-shaped pool won’t suffice. When your intended use of the pool is only for you and your partner to relax in, a large rectangular pool might take up more space than you need. If you have a large family with lots of children, a bigger pool may be the best option.

While looking through pool designs, you might not find one that you like that also fits with the space you have to work with. However, working with a pool builder like Escape Pools will custom design any type of pool to meet all of the needs mentioned.

Cookie-cutter designs are a thing of the past when choosing Escape Pools. Instead, our professional pool design team will design a custom inground pool that checks off your wish boxes and blends beautifully with the backyard layout and home decor.

Salt Water or Chlorine?

As you determine the style, shape and layout of your pool, you will also need to choose what kind of cleaning system you want to use. There are pros and cons to both saltwater and chlorine pools, but many pool owners have found a middle ground with salt chlorinator systems. 

This system produces chlorine from salt and helps to keep your pool sanitary. In addition, they eliminate the need for heavy chemical maintenance and lower the odors from chemicals. While the initial start-up cost is higher and the salt cells need replacement, this cost is balanced with the low maintenance requirements. 

Many swimmers with sensitive skin prefer this method as well since it reduces skin and eye irritation. 

Start Work on Your Pool Today

If you are ready to find the answer to your question of how to choose the perfect pool design, go no further. You are just one phone call or email away from beginning your dream pool. 

Contact us at Escape Pools today to get a quote and speak to a representative. We are ready and willing to help turn your backyard into a paradise.