Infinity Edge Pools: Is it a Yes or Is it a No?

Infinity Edge Pools: Is it a Yes or Is it a No?

Infinity Edge Pools

If you’ve been reading home design books lately, you’ve seen all the fuss over infinity pools. You may love the look, even if you aren’t sure what an infinity-edge pool is.

Do you have questions about the safety and maintenance of infinity edge pools? Here is some information for you.

What Is an Infinity Edge Pool?

Another name for an infinity-edge pool is a zero-edge pool. That’s because one edge of the pool looks like it isn’t there at all. Instead, it looks like the edge blends into the water, the sky, or the mountains. The “missing” edge is still there. It’s just expertly camouflaged.

Infinity pools first began appearing in California in the 1950s. Architects used beautiful scenery to create breathtaking pool views. The first swimming pools that used infinity views had a knife-edge design. The water in the pool flowed in one direction, outward and toward the edge of the pool. Then, it disappeared into a slot. The pool recycled the water.

How Do They Work?

It helps to picture an infinity pool like a waterfall. The water goes over the edge and disappears. Of course, the water doesn’t really disappear. Instead, it flows over the edge of the falls to a body of water below. Usually, the water runs into a lower level pool, and, depending on the waterfall, it may cascade down again. An infinity pool works much like a waterfall. The only difference is, in an infinity pool design, the water overflows into a basin. The pool also recycles the water by pumping it back into the upper pool. The motion of the water is continuous. And, this creates a lovely effect.

Are Infinity Edge Pools Safe?

Believe it or not, infinity pools are quite safe. The edge doesn’t actually disappear. It’s a visual illusion. You swim to the edge of the wall just like you would in any other pool. And, if by some strange occurrence, you “slip” over the edge, you would land in the small pool below. You might also land on a dry ledge. You don’t have to worry even if you’re in a pool at a high-rise hotel. These hotels have their pools high off the ground. But, if you were to “fall,” you would land on a ledge or a catch pool. Infinity pools pose no higher risk than your average pool.

Are Infinity Pools More Expensive?

Some places lend themselves to infinity pools more than others. Do you have a drop-off on your property with a magnificent view? Then, your yard would be spectacular for an infinity pool. Your panoramic view doesn’t have to be a landscape, however. Maybe, it’s a great view of the city. In fact, one of the best-known infinity pools is in the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. It has a spectacular view of the city at its edge.

Many people think that infinity edge pools are more expensive than a traditional pool, and that is usually true. Infinity pools are more challenging to construct. You have to add money for recycling the water, as well as an extra wall for the vanishing edge. Infinity pools also have a special filtration system for leaf and bug removal. There are infinity pools that have more than one disappearing edge, which ups the wow factor and the cost. In general, infinity pools may cost between 25 percent and 30 percent more than a traditional pool. However, depending on when you decide to get your pool, you may be able to take advantage of off-season specials.

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