Awe-Inspiring Fire Features Poolside on Chilly Nights

Awe-Inspiring Fire Features Poolside on Chilly Nights

Get Inspired with Fire Features Poolside

If you’ve lived in Texas for a while, you know about the seasonal weather, which can get pretty hot and humid. However, during the swimming pool season, it can also get a little cool. So don’t let those chilly nights spoil your summer pool fun! 

Instead, why not add fire features by the pool? Having something warm next to you while watching the kids swim makes a beautiful addition to your pool area. It also makes an excellent design feature for your yard and undoubtedly an excellent ambiance for relaxing and entertaining.

Who wouldn’t like the interplay of fire and water? Here are some ideas if you are looking for a fire feature to add to your pool.

Fire Bowls

Have you been to your neighbor’s pool and just loved their pool design and everything around it? How about those fantastic bowls on the pool’s edge with plants or water flowing into the pool? Can you have those bowls with both fire and water? How amazing would that be?

In addition, you can add custom fire bowls alongside outdoor seating areas. These standalone fire bowls can come in all shapes, sizes and colors to match your house and pool decor.


Awe-Inspiring Fire Features Poolside on Chilly Nights, fire bowls


Fire Pits

In addition, to adding unique fire bowls alongside your pool, have you considered a fire pit? 

Nowadays, it’s common for fire pits to be connected to a small propane tank that provides much cleaner gas than wood for ambiance and to keep warm. As burning wood can cause much smoke, propane does not and burns cleanly. Yes, those wood-fired pits can be fun. However, when relaxing and entertaining poolside, a cleaner backdrop can be better than a smokey one on those chilly nights. However, if you have a large backyard and can place the fire-put further away and love the natural feel and smell of burning wood, then a wood fire pit can be ideal.

Imagine having your kids or grandkids around a fire pit and roasting marshmallows for s’mores. They could also wrap themselves up in towels and warm themselves after a long day in the pool. Fire pits also make romantic gathering spots, an excellent way to end the day.

People with large backyards also combine fire pits and fire bowls to add drama. Place the fire bowls closer to the pool and the fire pits farther away. Imagine your yard at your next get-together when people see the fantastic scene you’ve created!

Custom Fire Features Poolside

Are you looking for something other than the traditional fire bowl or fire pit? For example, an outdoor fireplace as part of an outdoor kitchen and entertainment area. Or how about a fire table?

Fire Tables

So, what is a fire table? Fire tables are a bit more refined than the more rugged fire pit. Simply put, it is a fire pit that doubles as a table. They are made to resist heat, enabling you to rest dinnerware, drinkware and other non-flammable objects on it. In contrast, fire pits are typical features to be enjoyed just for the fire alone. Not saying you cannot eat and drink around them; typically, they do not have the attached table to do so.

At Escape Pools, We Get Highly Creative

So, are you tired of trying to keep up with your neighbors?

Is this the summer you will finally build an inground pool in your backyard?

Are you looking to take your pool to the next level?

Do you want something your family will want to gather around for years?

Have you considered fire features poolside?

If you want to take your yard from ho-hum to, oh yes, incredible, contact Escape Pools now to learn about what we do as premier Texas pool builders. In addition, remember we get highly creative in all we do, including designing custom fire features poolside.

Lastly, don’t let chilly nights spoil your summer pool fun! Instead, consider adding beautiful, aesthetically appealing fire features poolside. Contact Escape Pools today to learn more.