Modern Pool Design Ideas Sure To Inspire

Modern Pool Design Ideas Sure To Inspire

Modern Pool Design Ideas, Fun, Unique & With a Twist!

Texas is home to 15+ swimming holes around the state for visitors to enjoy. Although public pools and lakes are popular to combat the Texas heat, nothing beats having your private backyard pool. So, instead of making a trip to one of these swimming areas, walk outside to your backyard and enjoy a better level of comfort.

A custom-built pool gives homeowners many possibilities, so what should you choose? Are you into a modern flare? If so, keep reading to see a few unique ideas. But, if you are not into modern, do not get discouraged. If you contact Escape Pools, the possibilities are endless because our passion is for you to ESCAPE into a remarkable backyard with the best experiences ever. So, let’s get started.


Tiered Pool and Spa

The tiered modern pool design is an absolute eye-catcher. Of course, you can choose your shape based on different pool sizes, but keeping the clean, straight lines is best for a modern look. In contrast to modern, many homeowners opt for a lagoon-shaped pool which offers a more natural look and setting.

You can add water features for both types of pools, such as waterfalls and spas. By adding plants, you help set the backdrop of the pool so that there is a focus on backyard greenery or colorful plants.

Choose vibrant pool tile colors if you want your spa to pop in this design. In contrast, consider tan or neutral tones for decking around the pool and into the yard.

The tiered elements come from the spa and or waterfall attached to the pool and other water features. 


Modern Plunge Pool

Plunge pools are best for those who don’t have a lot of backyard space. However, some homeowners with enough yard space might prefer a plunge pool over a larger pool. A plunge pool is also called a “dipping pool.” You can enjoy all the benefits of a regular pool; it’s just smaller.

Many who choose a plunge pool are looking for relaxation and aquatic exercise. You can add jets for massaging and resistance jet machines for low-impact exercises.

Now let’s mention; modern. Since a modern design incorporates sleek straight lines with a bit of minimalism, these pools are perfect. In addition, with a square or rectangular plunge pool, you will get more water space than a round plunge pool. Finally, a tiered feature is an option with a running waterfall that will give a “wow” effect for sure. 

Modern plunge pools have so many more possibilities than homeowners think. Decorate it, tuck it in by a wall or behind a fence. ESCAPE today and see all of your incredible options by contacting Escape Pools.


More Ideas for a  Minimalistic Modern Design Pool

Most modern pools are a simple square or rectangular shape. The average pool size varies and will depend on your backyard size. Choosing a modern pool design comes with limitless variations. Below we bullet point a few ideas:

  • Lap pools are extended straight and sleek while offering fitness gurus the opportunity to swim laps at their leisure.
  • Add a retaining wall with straight stacked stones and modern scuppers, allowing water to stream down with a glass-like appearance.
  • Infinity edge pools with straight lines and a sunken spa can be minimalistic yet sophisticated. These types of pools are fabulous for backyards with a view. They are also called vanishing edge and zero-edge pools.
  • A Baja shelf, otherwise referred to as a sun shelf and tanning shelf, is a flat shallow area to comfortably put lounge chairs on and for the young children to play is always a fabulous option. Add a few bubblers and the shelf can be complete.
  • Extend a wooden deck partially over the pool, separating the spa from the swimming area. This is a perfect idea for a long narrow straight-lined modern pool.
  • Square or rectangular stone deck tiles can accentuate a modern look and feel. In addition, consider adding a square fire feature built into the decking or sitting above.
  • Top your modern pool design off with a bit of shining light. Lighting is a vital element in setting a mood and modern lighting designs are endless.

Just remember to design with the right color, texture, scale, and shape to achieve your perfect modern backyard oasis.


Modern Pool Design Ideas Sure To Inspire, infinity edge pool


Modern Pool Designs, Are You Convinced It’s a Great Idea?

Modern pool sizes and designs are endless. The idea of these pool concepts is to put the design in the hands of the homeowners.

Escape Pools can help you customize the pool of your dreams. Whether you like our ideas here or want to create something more unique for your home, we are here to help.

Contact Escape Pools today to learn more about our custom pool services and what we can offer you!