Modern Pool Waterfall Ideas

Modern Pool Waterfall Ideas

If you are thinking about building a pool, you have probably seen all sorts of designs and plan books. You may know exactly what you want. Have you ever considered putting in a waterfall? A waterfall can give your pool a look that no one else has. Many types of pool designs can incorporate a waterfall. Here is some information on some of them.

Pool Waterfall Fountain

There are as many design ideas for a pool waterfall fountain as there are pool ideas themselves. You can choose to do a pool waterfall fountain that matches the design of your pool. For example, there are products you can install on your deck that can arc water back into your pool. However, if you want cascading water in your pool, there are ideas you can incorporate into a pool design.

Modern pool designs, which are usually square or rectangular, can feature a large wall at the end of the pool. One long, large waterfall can cascade down the side. You might also choose to have several smaller waterfalls instead of the large one. Modern pools also incorporate metal and stone into pool wall designs, which gives the waterfall a contemporary look.

Pool Cascade Waterfall

Instead of modern pool design, some people opt for more natural design. They want to incorporate stone as part of their designs. There are many ways to incorporate stone. For example, you could build a brick terrace with plants, and the water could cascade from there. You can also use natural stone to build a waterfall at one end of the pool. You could also use the natural stone around the pool for coping for a truly unique look. There are also pool designs that incorporate reclaimed fixtures for a waterfall design that is unlike any other. An example would be an old spigot from a barn or farm. The waterfall can be large or small. It is up to you how large you want the feature to be.

Pool with Waterfall and Slide

If you have kids, the recommendation is to think about adding a pool with a waterfall and a slide. Kids love slides in pools, and your pool is sure to become the talk of the neighborhood. Instead of a boring plastic or fiberglass slide, you can incorporate a slide into your stone waterfall. This allows both kids and adults to slide down one side of the falls into the pool. You can choose the length and width of your slide. You can also choose the color of your stone and how tall you want the waterfall to be. In addition, you can choose other features of your slide. Do you want a straight chute slide or a curvy one? Perhaps you want a slide with a loop to give the kids a thrill? Some designs will make you smile at the thought of a summer slide for your pool.

Other Ways to Incorporate a Waterfall

There are other ways to incorporate a waterfall into your pool area. You may want to do a fountain in the middle of your pool with a waterfall. There are also ways to build a waterfall in pots or planters, then, have it cascade into the pool. Have you thought about a waterfall with an infinity pool? Whether you prefer a modern pool waterfall, traditional or another style your options are limitless.

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