Most Popular Pool Designs

Most Popular Pool Designs

Popular Pool Designs

Have you been considering getting a pool before the summer creeps back into Texas next year? You are probably asking yourself what the most popular pool size is. You might also be curious about which swimming pool designs are the most popular? Here are some answers for you.

Rectangular or Square Pool Shapes

Rectangular pool shapes are the most popular shape in the country. While rectangular pools can be small or big, the most popular size is 10 x 20 or 20 x 40. Rectangular pools are popular because they are versatile. Your family would be able to lounge in the pool and tan, swim laps, and play sports. If you think a rectangular pool is too big for your backyard, you may want to consider a square pool. Square pools are an excellent option for small backyards, and you can add a spa.

Round or Oval Shapes

Oval or round pools are also very popular. Many people feel that a round or oval shape is more pleasing to their landscapes. Also, people with smaller backyards love the look of round pools. In addition, they use smaller pools in conjunction with a round spa at the end to maximize their pool use. Young children can also benefit from a round, shallow pool.

Kidney Pool Shape

Kidney pools were out of fashion a few years ago. However, now, they are back. Kidney-shaped pools are retro-chic and blend beautifully with a mid-century modern home. Kidney-shaped pools have a narrowing in the middle. This narrowing is a dividing line between the shallow end and the deep end, or between a pool and spa.

Free-Form Pool Shapes

Free-form pools are a popular design because they evoke memories of a natural watering hole. Free-form pools can be any size or shape you want. Many people love the look of a free-form pool because it is so versatile. You can customize it with fire bowls and metal fixtures for a modern or contemporary look. You can also use natural stone and add a water feature to make the pool look like a mountain retreat.

Grecian Pool Shape

If you have a classically landscaped backyard, you may want to think about a Grecian or Roman pool shape. This pool shape looks much like a rectangular pool, but with rounded edges or oval ends. The builder can create a pool and spa combination. You may want to ask about how this classical shape would fit in your backyard garden with statuary.

Popular Pool Designs with Unique Pool Shapes

What if you want a pool that no one else has? Not a problem. We can create a customized look for you. What about creating your take on the L-shape pool, which is popular on the West Coast? Add something unique to it. We can add water or fire features or a tanning ledge. We could also add a modern art piece or a pool bar. Maybe you want to construct a pool in the shape of Texas or your college mascot. We can do that as well. If you’re a musician and you want a pool in the shape of your favorite instrument, we can design it.

Are you looking for a pool builder that will listen to your desires, and, then, act on them? Do you want a builder that can create the pool of your dreams? We can help. Contact Escape Pools in Spring, Texas, in Harris County. Let us build you something amazing that will be the talk of the neighborhood. We want your pool to be a place for you and your family to gather for years to come.

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