Most Popular Pool Size and Shape for 2022

Most Popular Pool Size and Shape for 2022

What Are the Most Popular Size and Shape Inground Pools for 2022?

Are you a homeowner thinking about installing an inground swimming pool? There are many options to consider.

What is the most popular size inground pool? What is the most popular pool shape? Is a 14 x 28 inground pool big enough, or should I go with a 15 x 30 pool?

Adding an inground pool will provide great fun for family and friends. It will also increase your home’s resale value.

If you’re wondering what pool design and size is best for your new pool installation, we have you covered. Keep reading for a quick guide to help make your decision easier.

What Is the Most Popular Size Inground Pool?

Several variables determine what pool sizes are suitable for a home. To answer what is the most popular size inground pool, you could end up with different answers based on the backyards layout, homeowners lifestyle, needs and more. The budget of the homeowner also comes into play.

If you’re wondering if a 15 x 30 pool is big enough for a family pool, the short answer is yes. However, homes with multiple children and where the homeowners entertain with large gatherings and pool parties can go with a bigger pool to accommodate pool activities such as volleyball and basketball.

Keep in mind that your backyard pool should accommodate the number of people who will use the pool regularly. If a couple has friends over occasionally to relax and unwind, with a cocktail in hand, a 14 x 28 inground pool is big enough.

What Is the Most Popular Pool Shape?

The most popular pool shape is the free-form kidney-shaped backyard pool. At least it is for homes built in the mid-19th century and those looking for a more natural look. However, more modern homes are trending towards geometric, rectangle-shaped pools.

Generally, deciding on a pool shape comes down to personal preference. However, when deciding on the form of a pool, you must consider the home’s architectural style and decor along with the pool features you want to add.

The shape of the backyard can also play a part in choosing the shape of the inground pool. For example, a geometric pool in a square or rectangular backyard and a free-form pool in a curvy backyard will blend in with each.

When considering additional options, the shape will matter for placement; for example, the installation of a rock waterfall with a slide needs to be placed for safety and as a great focal point.

Will the pool have an in-ground spa? If so, will the feature be round, square, or oblong? Both layout and aesthetics will play a part in how and where you place this feature. 

What Are The Different Sizes?

Inground pools can come in a wide range of sizes. When installing custom concrete, gunite pool, the sizes and shapes are limitless.

Along with the typical standard pool sizes, cocktail pools and spools are trending hot in 2022. They are both small pools. A cocktail pool is a small pool that measures less than a standard pool under twelve feet and is only 4 feet deep. A spool is similar to a cocktail in size; however, the pool can accommodate seating, jets and heaters.

Hiring an expert pool design specialist will enable you to find the perfect pool size and shape to match your home’s style and meet the needs of your lifestyle. Their expertise will help determine which size and shape are perfect for you and your home.

It’s a Backyard Party

Did we help you answer the question, what is the most popular size inground pool? Are you sold on a particular shape?

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