Pool Coping – Material Types, Designs, and Ideas

Pool Coping – Material Types, Designs, and Ideas

When you undergo the process of building a pool, it is easy to see the form your pool will take. However, have you given any thought to what will go around your pool? There are times when this is just as important as the pool itself. All pools use coping to fill in the space between the pool and the ground outside it. If you’re not sure what pool coping is, and what type to use, do not worry. Here is some information for you on what pool coping is and what kinds are available.

What Is Pool Coping?

Pool builders use pool coping to keep the pool water in the pool. It is usually placed at the top of the pool and extended outward for about 1 foot in diameter. The last thing you want after you have spent thousands of dollars on a pool is a leak. You do not want to have the water spill out all over your yard, shrub beds or foundation. This may not seem like a big deal in the beginning. However, over time, pool water that is constantly leaving your pool can cause real damage to your yard. Pool coping keeps the water in the pool no matter how many times the neighbor kid cannonballs into it.

Pool Coping Materials

There are many different materials as well as designs from which you can choose. Here is a description of a few of the most popular ones. This way, you can make an informed choice about which material would be right for your pool.

Concrete Pool Coping

If you are building a modern pool, such as a free-form pool design, you will need coping that enhances a modern look and feel. Poured concrete can be a good choice. This makes the pool look bigger than it is. It also gives the pool a clean finish with clean lines all the way around. Poured concrete brings coping to the edge and can be seamless.

Stone Pool Coping

Many people want their pools to look like a natural part of their environment. They want their pools to blend in with their yards and gardens. They want their pools to look like a beautiful oases. One a person might find after a long day in the desert. If that is the look you desire, you might want to try natural stone. Natural stone coping is available in many shapes and textures which includes fieldstone, limestone, and travertine. Because this kind of coping comes from stone, you already know it is slip-resistant and versatile. The trick with natural stone is to select those that are of the same thickness to put around your pool. This gives your pool a uniform look and makes the surface even. Stone pool coping is available in a variety of colors, which can enhance your pool’s appearance.

Flagstone Pool Coping

You can also use premade flagstones. Pool builders used precast stones in pools decades ago, and they may bring back wonderful childhood memories. While those flagstones were all one color, today’s flagstones are different. They come in many patterns, colors, and textures. They add natural elegance to poolscapes. Flagstone pool coping provides durability, easy maintenance, slip resistance and is also cost-effective.

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