Pool Design Options: Working With a Pool Builder on Layout

Pool Design Options: Working With a Pool Builder on Layout

Pool Design Options and Working With a Pool Builder on Layout

Designing and planning the perfect pool layout is one of the most exciting parts of a new pool project. With so many design options, working with an experienced pool builder who can help you explore the possibilities and bring your vision to life is essential.

This is where working with a company like Escape Pools and Spas in Spring, Texas, can guide you through the pool design process.

When starting the design phase, Escape Pools will have an in-depth conversation with you to understand your budget, lifestyle, yard space and overall vision. This helps clarify critical factors like the shape and size of the pool, special features you may want, and how the pool should interact with the landscape. The design consultants at Escape Pools and Spas have the expertise to translate your unique ideas into a cohesive pool plan.

Pool Shape Options

The shape of your pool can enhance the aesthetics and functionality. Escape Pools offers creative geometric shapes, freeform curved lines, and classic kidney bean layouts. Consider an oval pool if you have a narrow backyard, L-shaped for maximum space, or an aesthetically beautiful inspired geometric infinity edge layout if you have a fantastic view of the horizon.

The correct shape is critical as it helps define the flow and usage areas.

Pool Size Considerations

Going for the largest size possible is tempting, but Escape Pools and Spas will ensure your pool dimensions make sense for your yard while meeting local codes. A general rule is the pool itself should take up at most 50% of the backyard space. We measure the lawn area and discuss essential functional zones like play, lounging, and landscaping. This ensures the pool size complements the overall outdoor space size.

Plunge pools are becoming the hot new trend. They are compact but still offer all the amenities of larger pools. Installing a plunge pool gives your landscape more space to sit back, relax, party and enjoy.

Pool Design Options: Working With a Pool Builder on Layout

Exciting Design Features

The options for cool design features are nearly endless! Escape Pools can incorporate waterfalls, slides, fountains, fire bowls, elevated spas, outdoor kitchens, lighting, heating, and more into the pool area.

Consider how you want to use the pool and which features enhance that experience. A sun shelf with umbrellas is great for lounging, while a row of palm trees along the perimeter makes a tropical statement.

Pool Finishes and Materials

The pool’s interior finish, exterior patio materials, and decking showcase your design aesthetic. Escape Pools offers the hottest options like Quartz finishes in vibrant hues, exposed aggregate, pebble tech and tile accents.

The pool deck can be concrete, natural stone, pavers, or large format tiles. Be sure to coordinate fencing, outdoor furniture, and landscaping into a cohesive look.

Incorporating Landscaping

A beautifully designed pool needs to blend with the surrounding landscape. Escape Pools partners with qualified landscapers to seamlessly integrate the hardscapes and softscapes. Consider shade trees, tropical plants, flowers, rockscapes, lighting, paths, and fences that complement the pool style. The landscaping completes the backyard oasis.

Energy Efficient Options

An eco-friendly pool design with energy-efficient equipment recommendations from Escape Pools and Spas is possible. This includes variable-speed pumps, solar heating panels, and automated covers. They keep sustainability top of mind while still delivering an eye-catching pool.

And how about a pool with automation? Imagine programming your pool settings while away from your home. Pretty good, right?

Making Design Dreams A Reality

With the expertise of Escape Pools and Spas guiding you through the design process, you can create a showstopping pool that matches your lifestyle. The experienced team helps you explore the possibilities while staying on budget and adhering to backyard realities. Don’t settle for a basic box – bring your unique design vision to life with the personalized help of Escape Pools!

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