Pool Equipment Pad Size, Design, Layout Ideas

Pool Equipment Pad Size, Design, Layout Ideas

Where Do You Put the Pool Equipment Pad? What About Its Size, Design and Layout?

An inground pool in Texas can increase the value of your home by as much as 7.7%. Pools are also a great addition to combat the Texas three-digit summer weather. It’s an ideal way to cool down while spending time with family and friends.

However, before you dive in, there are many layout and design elements you’ll need to consider. The construction process will include deciding on a pool equipment pad layout.

You’ll also need to consider various pool equipment pad ideas. Knowing the pool equipment pad size can help you with this.

But how much room does pool equipment take up? And, where do you put the pool equipment pad? This article answers these questions and more.

Where Do You Put the Pool Equipment Pad?

The pool equipment pad is the base or area where you’ll place most of the equipment that keeps your pool running. Considering the location of your pool equipment pad set up? Most pool companies recommend placing it anywhere from 20 to 40 feet from the pool.

However, this distance may vary. It all depends on the location of the pool and access to electricity, etc.

They may also advise constructing it a foot or less above your pool’s water level. This ensures that it’s elevated from the ground around it.

But there’s a delicate balance as it also shouldn’t be too high. If it is, you might encounter pump priming issues.

How Much Room Does Pool Equipment Take Up?

The amount of room you’ll need will vary, depending on the size of your equipment. Most pools will usually need all or some of the following components.

  • The filter
  • The pump
  • PVC piping
  • The heater
  • The mineral purifier or ionizer
  • The cleaner pump
  • The salt system
  • The chlorinator

The components you require will need to fit on your equipment pad. A custom pool builder will be able to advise you on the space you require based on your equipment needs.

Deciding On Pool Equipment Pad Size

A smaller equipment pad might be about four feet by four feet. Most will average around four feet by six feet. However, if you’re adding a gas heater or heat pump, a pad that’s four feet by eight feet is probably best.

Pool Equipment Pad Ideas

Your equipment pad design is important. You should give it the same consideration as your custom pool designs.

It’s easy to focus on the intricacies of the pool area that will be on display. But, although hidden, there are equipment pad elements you’ll need to consider.

This includes the layout of the equipment. The filter is usually placed in the center of the pad. The pump goes on one side, while the heater goes on the other. The pipes are then run from the pool, underground at the side of the pad.

You’ll also need to decide what material you will use to construct the base of the pad. Here are a few options:

  • A plastic pad
  • A concrete slab pad
  • A pebble or stone pad
  • A brick or paver pad
  • An anti-vibration mat pad
  • A grass pad or simply on the ground

There are pros and cons to each. Choose one that’s practical and that will work best for your space.

A Pool Equipment Pad Layout That Works For You

The crystal clear waters of a pool are inviting, especially during the hot summer weather. You’ll want a space you can enjoy. It’s only natural to ensure the pool you design is beautiful and meets your needs.

But you shouldn’t forget another element that is just as important – the pool equipment pad. You’ll also need to focus on pool equipment pad ideas. This should include the pool equipment pad layout and pool equipment pad size.

This article provides answers to Where do you put the pool equipment pad? and How much room does pool equipment take up? If there’s more you need to know contact Escape Pools.  We build one-of-a-kind pools in Texas that are like-no-other. Get your free consultation and free pool quote today!