Pool Remodeling and Repair, Spring, TX

Pool Remodeling & Repair Spring TX

Pool Remodeling and Repair, Spring, TX: Escape Pools

Everything is bigger in Texas except the world’s largest swimming pool located in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. Even if you can’t have the largest swimming pool in the world, you can make some renovations that match your lifestyle.

Whether it’s adding a spa structure or poolside fire pit, optimize your outdoor space to benefit you.

Before hiring an expert pool contractor, it’s essential to know a bit about your options. So, what can come out of pool remodeling and repair?

Keep reading to learn details about pool remodeling in Spring, TX.


Replastering Pools

Aging pools need to be replastered at least once every decade. However, the type of pool you have will indicate how often it needs replastering.
Homeowners replaster their pools for structural reasons because plaster acts as a waterproof layer between pool water and the shell of the pool. Small spots can be patched up for protection with plaster as well.

Other homeowners decide to replaster their pool for aesthetic reasons. If your pool looks and feels old, pool plaster can help reduce stains and give your pool a newer, whiter appearance.

Pool resurfacing in Spring, Texas is a regular maintenance process for all pools that involve removing and replacing the top layer of the surface.
Replastering, tiling, and coping can all help pool quality. These services are completed with Escape Pools.


New Pool Features

Pool remodeling in Spring, TX often involves adding new water, spa, and even fire features.

Adding a spa to your poolscape is something you can do at any time with the help of experts at Escape Pools. In fact, many homeowners opt for a custom spa to bring their dream idea to life.

Some of the most popular water features homeowners want to add after their build are:

  • Waterfall
  • Waterslide
  • Cascade
  • Rain curtain
  • Outdoor shower
  • Fountain

If you want to combine a fire and water feature, ask about fire and water bowls that result in a stunning effect. These are installed at the edge of the pool for dramatic effect.


Pool Equipment Updates

Swimming pool remodels and renovations go beyond the structure of the pool. Everything in your pool is going to age over time, including the pool equipment.

With the help of Escape Pools, you can reap the benefits of new, updated, and energy-efficient pool equipment. These changes can improve how your swimming pool functions and operates.

When it comes to pool repair tips, it’s important to have the best equipment with quality materials. Updates like this can positively impact the charge of your utility bill.


Pool Remodeling in Spring, TX: What Can Escape Pools Do for You?

There are a lot of things that might go into pool remodeling in Spring, TX, but replastering, new features, and equipment updates are most common. Escape Pools can help with all of the above tasks and more.

As a Texas pool owner, it’s important to have an expert pool contractor that can help with remodeling and repairs. You likely won’t need all of these things at once, but Escape Pools employees can always come back.

To get started with necessary renovations and remodels for your Texas pool, contact Escape Pools now!