Pool Renovation: Escape from The Old Into The New

Pool Renovation: Escape from The Old Into The New

Is It Time to Escape?

Swimming has many benefits, like better cardiovascular health and reduced stress. So having access to a beautiful swimming pool in your backyard can help to enhance a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Do you have a pool that looks a little worse for wear? Perhaps you have bought a new property with a pool which needs some serious repairs. If so, consider a pool renovation to give it a makeover!

This article covers a few pool renovation design ideas to try when renovating. Read on to find out how to get the most out of your pool updates.

Seating and Tanning Ledges

Seating within an inground swimming pool continues each day to grow in popularity.  Sitting on a deck chair alongside the pool can get super hot. How great would it be if you could avoid that and sit in the water with a beverage in hand? In addition, if you have guests over, think about how fabulous this would be.

There are many ways to add seating. Putting benches around the edge of the pool is a versatile seating option. If you have an attached outdoor kitchen area, seating in the pool alongside that area is excellent. Another option is to add a table with seating at the shallower end. Sitting in water waist-high can be fun and refreshing. Add an umbrella, and you are all set to avoid the hot sun during the day’s peak.

If you know about tanning ledges, you can renovate your pool to incorporate one. Tanning ledges, otherwise known as sun shelves, are very shallow, with a typical depth of nine to twelve inches. Not only are these great for small children and pets to frolic in, but they are also perfect for lounge chairs.

Pool Renovation: Escape from The Old Into The New, seating, tanning ledge

Add a Spa

What can be better than relaxing in a custom spa in your swimming pool after a long hard, stressful day? Yes, there is even better as it is not only a stress reducer, but it is an excellent muscle relaxer, great for cardiovascular health, improved sleep, helps with pain relief and can you believe it, it can actually help to burn calories.

Pool Renovation: Escape from The Old Into The New, custom spa

New Tiles

Adding and upgrading the tiles in your pool design can transform your pool and give it a stunning look. Porcelain and ceramic pool tiles come in many styles, sizes, shapes and colors. So, no matter your pool style, there is a tile for you that will blend seamlessly, from contemporary to modern, traditional, tropical, rustic and other.

If you prefer a sleek and modern look, you could go for some delicate high-shine mosaic tiles. For a tropical and natural appearance, choose stone tiles.

Knowing that the colors you choose can depict the water’s color is essential. For example, blue, grey and white pool tiles will make the water appear blue, while green, brown and tan will make the pool’s water appear greener.

Change up your tiles and add them to your new custom spa and “Viola.” There you have it!

Light It Up

Adding the proper lighting will create the wow factor in any pool design. Up lighting and low lighting of the surrounding landscape can offer an exciting effect. Overhead lights, such as custom string lights, will reflect on the water and make the water shine and sparkle. In addition, these light options will make the swimming area safe during evening swims.

LED lights within the swimming pool are not like in the days of the past. They are brighter, more energy-efficient and can be color-changing. Setting your lights to the color of your themed pool party will make the party one to remember. You can even have the lights change. For example, on the 4th of July, from red to white, to blue.

Make the Most of Your Pool Renovation

If you have a pool that has seen better days, you may want to consider doing a pool renovation. This will refresh your outside space and allow you to enjoy a beautiful new swimming pool. Have lovely times with your family and guests during the hot summer, and build everlasting memories.

At Escape Pools, we are experts in building and renovating custom pools and spas. We can help turn your existing pool into a resort, however small or big the project is.

We’re the best for all pool renovations, with excellent craftsmanship and customer service. Get in touch with us today to find out more about pool upgrades and much more!