Pool Safety for the Superlative Pool Party

Pool Safety for the Optimum Pool Party

Pool Safety Always Needs To Be The Main Focus, So What About When It’s Party Time?

Our last blog provided you with a guide on having the Ultimate Party with a backyard pool and spa. We hope you found it, have read it, enjoyed it and gotten a few ideas. If not, we do not want you to miss it, so click here to view it if you are interested. Then, make sure you come back here to learn more about the pool and spa safety elements you must add to complete the ultimate party experience.

If you do not have an inground backyard pool, let Escape Pools, help to start building one for you. Then, once you have the right pool and spa for the perfect party, you can focus on safety elements for having an excellent time.

Take a look further for a few vital pool safety precautions.

Create a Child-Friendly Area

Not every backyard party is kid-friendly, but if you’re having a pool party with kids this summer, you’ll want to take extra precautions.

An inground backyard pool should have the proper safety equipment available. Plus, parents should be watching young children at all times.

If you have your spa on during a pool party, don’t allow young kids in it if the temperature is too hot. A high heat spa can cause dehydration and overheating in young children.

For safety, keep the water temperature around the 80s.

Show Guests How to Enter and Exit Safely

This might sound obvious, but for guests who have never been to your home, showing them how to enter and exit the pool and spa safely is crucial.

Water can make surfaces slippery so enforce strict rules. For example, don’t allow guests to jump in or stand on the edge of a spa.

Stay Hydrated!

Alcoholic beverages often accompany a backyard pool party. Even if this isn’t the case, drinking water and staying hydrated are essential. You’ll be in the sun or a hot tub with a lot of heat.

If possible, drink water every 15-20 minutes when sweating outdoors, even while in pool water.

Avoid the Use of Glass

There are different types of pools, but no matter which you choose, you should always avoid using glass in or around it. Instead, use plastic cups to prevent the glass from breaking inside the pool or spa.

Broken glass is hard to spot in the water. You might have to drain the entire pool or spa to find it.

Have Fun!

When you add these safety elements to your backyard party, the last step is to have fun!

Create an outdoor party atmosphere with a great theme. Add some outside lighting, make a playlist, and offer delicious food and drinks to your guests.

Start Planning the Perfect Backyard Party

Now that you have the ultimate party backyard with the perfect pool and spa and all of the pool safety precautions put in place, it’s time to start planning the party.

Need a Pool First?

If you need help with a new pool design, construction, maintenance, and added features such as fiery fire fountains and trickling waterfalls, oh and do not forget the outdoor kitchen with a patio cover, contact Escape Pools to learn more. We look forward to speaking with you.