Salt Water Pools, How About Adding Pepper?

Salt Water Pools, How About Adding Pepper?

Hmmm… Salt Water Pools Using Pepper?

Salt water pools have been around since 1972. They gained popularity in the US in the 80s and have been a welcome addition in many households since then. You may even have one as well.

If you do, you’re among the 90% of homeowners who have a salt water system. No doubt, you’ve enjoyed its benefits since making the switch. But did you know your salt water pool might be missing a key ingredient?

Pepper! Yes, you read right. If you thought salt water pools were great, salt and pepper pools are even better.

Curious? Read on to find out about pepper for salt water pools.


What Are Salt and Pepper Pools?

You may already know that salt water pools use a system that converts salt into chlorine. It’s done through a salt-chlorine generator that uses electrolysis to complete the conversion process.

The result is a sufficient amount of chlorine minus the side effects often experienced in a chlorinated pool. These often include damaged hair, burning eyes, and a strong chemical smell. It’s the reason converting to a salt water pool is often an easy choice for many homeowners.

When you add a little pepper you add to the benefits you’re already experiencing. Pepper for pools is a particular blend of select ingredients (not the pepper on your kitchen table) formulated to meet the demands of swimming pool care. These ingredients create a formula that provides the perfect balance for salt water pools. It includes:

  • Oxidizer
  • Scale Control
  • Acid
  • Phosphate Remover
  • Clarifier


Pool pepper enhances your water quality. It also reduces the amount of pool maintenance required.


Salt Water Pool Maintenance

Salt water pool maintenance involves ensuring your pool’s water chemistry is at acceptable levels. How do you ensure balance in your pool’s water? By making the necessary adjustments to the chlorine, stabilizer, salt, pH, alkalinity, and hardness levels. Good balance results in clear, clean pool water.

Part of your swimming pool maintenance should also include keeping your skimmer, filter, and pump clean. These should also be in good working condition. You should inspect your salt chlorinator cell and change it when needed.

Using Pepper makes this process even simpler. It improves the performance of your salt water generator, maintains proper pool levels, and keeps your pool clean. Concerned about how this may affect your pool maintenance cost and what kind of pool pepper is best? Contact a pool specialist to find out.


Benefits of Pepper for Salt Water Pools

Still uncertain about starting the Pepper program? Here are a few additional benefits that may help you decide. Pepper:

  • Maintains low phosphate levels
  • Reduces maintenance time
  • Helps prevent the build-up of scale on equipment and surfaces
  • Lessens fluctuations in pH levels


You also only need to apply this unique formula twice a month. It’s easy to use and there’s no wait time needed. You can enjoy your pool right after using it.


Pepper! The Missing Element for Salt Water Pools

Pepper for salt water pools is the ingredient you never knew you were missing. It allows you to spend less time maintaining your salt water pool and more time enjoying it. Salt and pepper pools provide the perfect complement to your professional pool cleaning and maintenance plan.

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