Set The Mood: Ideas for Lighting Around Pool Area

Set The Mood: Ideas For Lighting Around The Pool

Glowing Ideas for Lighting Around The Pool Area


Are you the happy owner of a pool in Texas? Are you proud when guests come to enjoy your backyard? Of course, but is it quite the best it can be? Maybe during the day, but maybe not so much during the night.

So now you may be wondering, “how do I light my pool area?” Here, we are happy to provide you with a few outdoor pool lighting ideas that will light up the night and enhance the ambiance resulting in envious family, friends, and neighbors that you may not speak with much.


Outdoor Pool Lighting Ideas Sure to Enhance


The right pool lighting will illuminate the pool and surrounding landscape and set a beautiful, fun or relaxing mood.

With new state-of-the-art LED pool lighting, the lights inside the pool can randomly change color and be set to a particular color of choice. For example, are you having a 4th of July party? Why not enhance the mood by changing the light color from red, to white, to blue? In addition, did you know that nowadays, the new LED lights have many benefits over the traditional bulbs? For example, they are much more energy-efficient, saving on utility costs.

If you have pool water features, there are many ways to enhance them and light them up. A waterfall, for example, can have the same changing colors within the niches where the water will trickle and flow down from the rocks.

The same can happen with a sheer descent waterfall if you have a retaining wall alongside the pool. Fire bowls can also be placed on top of the retaining wall.

How about installing laminar jets. They are an approximately 1-inch tube of water that arches up from the deck into the pool or spa and can be lit up as well.


Outdoor Pool Lighting Ideas Sure to Impress


Let us genuinely impress our friends, family, and neighbors by lighting up beyond the pool and extending it to the landscape. I am sure if the neighbors have a view of your backyard, they will enjoy the scene.

There are many ways to light up the landscape around the pool area; here, we bullet point a few.

  • Uplight trees for an overall dramatic effect of the entire space.
  • For a more subtle effect, downlight shrubs and plants.
  • Install lights to retaining walls; for example, under-cap lighting will highlight the beauty of the walls.
  • Soft spotlights can be placed on the ground to wash the entire wall with subtle lighting
  • Light up the walkways with their path lights or arrange the uplighting and downlighting to ensure the walkways are lit for safety.
  • Strategically place path light lights or spotlights to light-up stairs.
  • Light the covered patio area such as a gazebo, pavillion, and pergola. For example, string lights add a beautiful effect.
  • To top it off, do not forget how fire features such as fireplaces, fire pits, fire bowls and fire tables not only provide warmth but stunning lighting as well.

As you implement lighting around your pool, keep it subtle. You want it to be as unobtrusive as possible.


Set The Mood: Ideas For Lighting Around Pool Area



Are You Ready to Enhance and Impress?


What can be better than escaping into a resort-like atmosphere at the end of the day? For you, at Escape Pools, we can make it happen. Contact Escape Pools to learn more about our pool lighting services. We are ready to illuminate, enhance and impress.

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