Simplistic Pool Designs With a Touch of Luxury

Simplistic Pool Designs With a Touch of Luxury

Go Simplistic Without Losing a Touch of Luxury

The cost of a backyard remodels greatly depends on the project. Basic landscaping might cost a couple of thousand dollars, while bigger renovations can cost more than $40,000.

If you are planning a pool build, you are looking at the higher end of the cost spectrum, but the price is well worth it.

For those in the process of planning for this investment, consider simplistic pool designs with a touch of luxury. Keep reading to learn more about them.

Simplistic Pool Designs With a Touch of Luxury

In-ground swimming pool design types range from fiberglass to concrete to shotcrete to vinyl. Concrete and gunite are the best materials for creating a customizable pool as they can mold into different designs.

Fiberglass pools and vinyl pools come in finished shapes where the pool design, sizes and shape options are limited. With a concrete, gunite pool the options are limitless.

No matter which material you pick, you can have simplistic pool designs with a touch of luxury in your backyard. The following are some popular design ideas for a concrete, gunite swimming pool that Escape Pools can help with:

Pool With a Fire Pit

A spacious pool of any shape can do well with a fire pit in the middle of it. The fire pit acts as a luxurious gathering spot in the middle connected to the edge with stairs.

You’ll have a say in what material you want the fire pit to be but flagstone is common. The spot can be decorated with a built-in seating area for you to enjoy and relax.

All-Natural Concrete Pool

A common choice for homeowners who want to build a pool is an all-natural concrete one. The idea of this pool focuses on using surrounding natural elements like a green yard mixed with a cut-stone pool.

The two elements blend perfectly to make the scenery look natural and luxurious without sacrificing a simplistic design.

Spanish Style Pool

A Spanish-style pool generally has ceramic tiles and a nice jacuzzi. If you have a Spanish-style home, the next logical step is to build a simple yet luxurious pool of this type.

The biggest thing to consider with this pool design is the tile. Luckily, there are hundreds of different options to choose from. You can also find simplistic pool decor to match the tiles you decide on.

Pool With Natural Rocks

This design idea follows the cut-stone concept that an all-natural concrete pool does. However, instead of a focus on the natural backyard, it adds a brick-style natural stone to pool elements.

For example, natural stone can act as the decking of the pool. An additional luxurious touch is a jacuzzi connected to the pool surrounded by large natural rocks.

This can also create a nice waterfall effect that pairs well with ambient swimming pool lighting during the nighttime.

Modern Minimalistic

Modern minimalism pool designs are simplistic, have clean lines and still can exude the ultimate luxury. Achieving luxury does not always mean complicated decor and ornamentation. These types of pools keep it simple without sacrificing elegance. The key is to create an uncluttered atmosphere.

A pool with three straight-line edges incorporating a vanishing edge overlooking the horizon is stunning. Combining a tiled interior of browns, grays and whites with a decking of earthy tones will add to minimalistic sophistication.

Modern and minimalistic can go beyond a typical rectangle-shaped pool. Some prefer a straight-lined look with a bit of a twist while keeping symmetry, this is an excellent option.

Simplistic Pool Designs With a Touch of Luxury

Customize Your Pool the Way You Want It

Nothing screams simplistic pool designs, quite like a customized pool. You can take ideas from this guide to create your dream pool with the help of Escape Pools.

Our team of experts can build an in-ground pool in any shape and add luxurious pool features that fit your outdoor vibe. Choose from fire features, water features, and modern landscaping options to create a simplistic design.

Don’t wait any longer for the pool of your dreams. Contact us today to learn all about our services.