Solutions to Green Algae Swimming Pool Water Problems

Solutions to Green Algae Swimming Pool Water Problems

Green Algae Swimming Pool Water Problems

Are you into oldies movies? Do you come home, have a long day at work, and head to the remote to find your favorite old movie? Perhaps “The Swimmer” is one you enjoy. It is a drama dating back to 1968, where a man spends his summer days swimming in as many pools as possible in a quiet suburban town. So, what do you think about the various swimming pools water? Is it clear and beautiful or cloudy and green?

Well, who wants to swim in green water? Do not think of many of us, if any, who would enjoy this. As the sun shimmers, there is nothing like swimming in a beautifully clean, sparkling pool. 

For those who own a pool, this beautiful water does not come naturally. Great care is needed to achieve this. And if not continuously maintained, the pool’s water can become cloudy and green.

Do you ever have days like this? Are there times when your pool water is a horrifying, cloudy green? If you have experienced this, here’s some information that might help you figure out what’s causing your green, cloudy water.


Why Does My Pool Keep Turning Green?

The reason is green algae. This algae is one of the most common and annoying pools water problems pool owners have. And yes, it’s gross and slimy, and unfortunately, it will grow when the outside temp gets warm, especially the water temperature.

Green algae can be found everywhere in your pool. You can find it on the sides, the bottom, on the steps, ladders and other pool components.


Green Algae

There are other ways green algae can enter your pool other than forming from the sun, heat and low maintenance. If you live by a lake or pond, the wind can blow it into your pool, floats with algae can transfer it to the water, and a waterfall where the water in the niches has not circulated are just a few ways.

This algae needs to be removed quickly because it spreads fast and will turn your water cloudy and green. The effort to remove it early will be much less as the worse the green algae problem gets, the harder it will be to remove it. 

You might think the algae will just go away on its own. Maybe cooler temperatures will disperse it. But, at what temperature does algae grow in a pool? Algae will still grow until the temperature outside drops below 51 degrees during the day. So, as the summer continues the chances of getting algae in your pool are high.


How to Get Rid of Algae in the Pool Quickly?

Perhaps now you see you have a green algae problem, so how do you get rid of it and treat the pool, so the green algae do not return?

First, you will need to ensure all your chemical levels, such as PH, are at the required level. Then, you will need to shock the pool. If the other chemical levels are off, the shock will not work correctly, and you will find the green algae reappear. After shocking, you must ensure the chlorine level is within the correct range before swimmers can enter.

After shocking, brush the walls and vacuum up the dead algae, which can be seen at the bottom of the pool. After you vacuum, depending on the type of filter your pool has, you may need to backwash.

Are you having stubborn pool trouble? Are the algae winning? Let us help! Contact Escape Pools today. We can provide all the pool services you need, from new pool and spa construction, renovations and remodels to pool cleanings and maintenance.