The Perfect Lake House Pool Design Ideas

The Perfect Lake House Pool Design Ideas

Design Your Perfect Lake House Pool

Imagine swimming in your own private pool on a hot day while enjoying beautiful views of nature all around you. A lake house swimming pool offers an extra place to relax and unwind. It can also be the last piece needed to make your home more functional and boost its value.

If you’ve had your mind on adding a pool to your lakehouse experience while on vacation, you may wonder, “how do I choose a pool design for my lake house?”. After all, a well-crafted pool design can offer increased recreational value and aesthetic beauty to any lakehouse.

The most important part of owning a lake house pool is choosing the right design. This decision determines whether your investment is worthwhile. Check out this guide about choosing a swimming pool design for your lake house.

How Do I Choose a Pool Design For My Lake House?

When designing a pool at a lakehouse, the creative possibilities are endless. From a grand infinity pool overlooking the lake to a shallow wading pool perfect for young children, there is something to fit every family’s needs. Here are several things to remember during the swimming pool design process.

Choose a Perfect Pool Location

When designing your pool, the location plays a critical role. A thoughtfully selected pool area location will create an inviting and enjoyable environment for years to come.

Having the perfect pool location that allows you to take advantage of your lakehouse view is something that should be considered carefully when deciding on a layout. It’s essential to consider the orientation and size of the pool and surrounding area for maximum enjoyment. With careful planning, a lake house swimming pool can provide incredible entertainment and a breathtaking visual experience.

It’s vital to position the poolscape in a place that receives ample exposure to sunshine for optimal performance and aesthetic appeal. Ideally, you will want to avoid placing the pool too close to trees since falling leaves can clog up pool lines and create a messy situation that requires additional maintenance. Considering available sunlight and tree vegetation can help ensure you find the perfect spot for your swimming oasis.

The Perfect Lake House Pool Design Ideas


Consider Your Lake Home’s Style

When selecting a style for your pool, it’s important to consider the overall aesthetic of your lake home. Incorporating elements that match the style of your landscape and architecture will allow you to create an oasis that looks great and enhances property value.

By keeping the consistent interior and exterior styling, you can help guarantee that your lake home sparkles like a jewel in the neighborhood. With careful attention to harmony, creating a space that maximizes enjoyment for yourself and any visitors is possible.

Define Your Pool’s Purpose

Another crucial step when choosing a swimming pool design for your lake house is defining the pool’s purpose. You need to know who will use it and why.

Knowing your pool’s purpose allows you to generate ideas suitable for your family and guests. You can ensure that factors such as safety, depth, and accessories will suit or appeal to your users.

For example, if your guest list includes kids, you want to build a kid-friendly pool design by your lake. A family-time pool design integrating a relaxing spot within the pool can allow you to lounge while your kids clock in some swimming time.

An infinity-pool design that’s easily a match for all is a multi-purpose pool design. It creates an entertaining spot for kids and adults. It’s a perfect pool idea for a lakehouse family home.

Have a Reasonable Budget

The most challenging part of choosing your swimming pool design is identifying a realistic budget. HomeGuide states that homeowners can spend between $28,000 and 55,000 on inground pool installation, depending on the pool type.

Pool installation and design costs are likely to come with extra costs. Sophisticated pool designs will cost higher than traditional pool designs. In addition, the more features you add cost will increase. You’re also likely to spend more after pool installation on costs such as maintenance, repairs, and utility bills.

Setting a budget allows you to choose a practical swimming pool design for your lake house renovation. You want to choose something other than a design that will leave a big dent in your savings.

Above Ground or Inground Pool

Choosing an above-ground or inground pool for a house is one of the considerations influencing your design and costs. Either of the options ultimately determines the longevity, size, design, and maintenance of your swimming pool.

Due to its durable materials and limitless customization, an inground swimming pool design is the best option for your lakehouse, especially a concrete inground pool. But note that in-ground pools will be more expensive to install.

Once an in-ground pool is installed, the years of building fabulous memories will extend far beyond an above-ground pool as they are built to last much longer. Above-ground pool materials are less resilient, which negatively affects their lifespan. But you will undoubtedly have a cheaper initial cost with an above-ground pool.

The Perfect Lake House Pool Design Ideas


Consider Your Landscape

Your poolscape should match your home’s landscape. It should fit into the larger picture rather than appear like a standalone feature. Do you want a pool that looks like a pond for serenity or one with big bold lighting to set a different mood?

It would be best to consider the surrounding area when designing your pool. Your overall design will appear more coordinated when you take the time to understand your landscape.

Identify Your Favorite Features

The type of swimming pool you’ll build will depend on the kind of features you’ve chosen. You can build a simple pool or opt for a sophisticated one based on features.

It’s best to base your decision on what you want your swimming pool to be for. If you’re ambitious and perhaps into physical fitness, you must keep your vision and lifestyle in perspective and use them to get the most out of your new pool.

You can start with simple ideas and build upon them with luxurious and attractive additional features. Adding water features like spa spillovers, descents, or waterfalls can transform your lake house into a romantic getaway.

Choose a Pool Design for Your Lake House

Hopefully, this guide has helped you come up with solutions for the question, “how do I choose a pool design for my lake house?” Choosing a design for your lake house is fun but can be challenging. If you do not have a vision, hiring the best pool builder for lake homes is a must, as they can create the perfect paradise for your backyard space. Since there’s no “one size fits all” option, they can help you define your style.

Still, visioning a custom swimming pool design for your lake house? With the help of professional builders like Escape Pools in Texas, we can create a swimming pool that is unique, beautiful and functional. Contact Escape Pools today to start building your pool paradise in your lakehouse backyard.