The Ultimate Party Backyard Spa and Pool

The Ultimate Backyard Party Spa and Pool

The Ultimate Backyard Party Spa and Pool

Hot summer rays pair perfectly with cool pool water, but what’s better than chillin’ poolside on your own? Throwing a backyard pool party!

Turn your yard into the backyard party place this summer to create the best memories. Before inviting your guests over, there are some things you should know.

If you don’t currently have an inground backyard pool, build one before the summer starts! With Escape Pools customization options, you’ll have the perfect backyard retreat to enjoy with guests.

Keep reading to learn some of the best options for backyard pool and spa designs.


Garden Party Design

Freeform pools are types of pools that can mold to the shape you want. With Escape Pools customization options, you can shape a pool around a patio for the perfect outdoor garden party setting.

Set up patio tables and lighting around the pool and invite guests over on a beautiful summer day. Consider flower-filled landscaping to make the guests feel like they are at the most prestigious of garden parties.


Pool With a View

If you have a large backyard, you have a lot of opportunities when it comes to pool design for parties. Wow, your backyard pool party guests by creating a luscious outdoor view with plenty of foliage.

What’s the best pool design for a backyard with a great view? A three-sided pool design that gives the effect of an infinity pool. That’s right, you don’t have to live in Beverly Hills to opt for this pool design.


Traditional Pool With Outdoor Features

If you currently have a traditional pool with no outdoor features, it’s time to change that before party season. Something as simple as a swim-up pergola can turn your boring inground backyard pool into something special.

This is perfect for guests who want to mingle while in or out of the pool. Add comfortable patio furniture to your custom pergola and maybe even a fire pit if your budget allows it.


Dreamy Pool With Backyard Lighting

One of the best and most simple backyard design tips is to add ambient lighting. Invite friends over for a nighttime swim and create a vibe with lighting that screams party.

You can turn a simple rectangular pool into something dreamy with the right lighting features. In fact, any pool design can benefit from the addition of party lights!


Pool With a Large Spa

Any pool can have a traditional spa added to it, but if you want to turn your backyard into a place for parties, consider a slightly larger spa.

This way, you’ll make space for all of your guests. Plus, you can enjoy a backyard party in the summer or winter!

Add water fixtures in or around the spa to get fancy with your party design.


Start Planning the Perfect Backyard Party

What does the perfect backyard party look like? Of course, it has a spa and a pool, but it combines different design elements to create the best party environment.

Take what you’ve learned from this guide to host the outdoor party everybody wants to be at this summer. Build a new pool or add different elements to your current one!

For help with spa and pool installation, pool renovations and remodeling, pool maintenance, outdoor kitchens, pergolas, outdoor lighting, and more, contact the team at Escape Pools now.