Theatrical Fire Feature Effects for a Pool

fire feature effects

Fire Feature Effects for Pools

There is something about fire and water that draws us in. What is neater than having a fire effect so close to water? Fire and water together bring out the spirit in all of us. Are you building a pool, and think you might want a fire effect or a fire feature? Here are some ways to use fire and create a dramatic effect.

Fire Features

Pools with fire features are sure to draw everyone’s attention at your next party. Have you thought about building a wall of fire by the pool? It can be a great conversation piece. It can be a place for people to warm themselves after a dip in the pool when the nights get cooler. You might also consider a fire feature as part of a larger area by the pool for conversation. Some people even connect the fire feature to the barbecue area as a dual-use feature.

Fire Pit Ideas

Want a dramatic fire pit idea? Try creating a tanning shelf in your pool with a fire pit in the center. This could provide a place to relax, tan, and enjoy the heat from the fire. Fire pits can cook things as well. Picture roasting some s’ mores in front of the fire pit after a dip in the pool.

You could make a fire pit in an entire area in your backyard. It could become a gathering place for friends and family. You could make a large fire pit by the pool and pave the area. Put chaise lounges and small tables around it. A fire pit is also amazing in a gazebo. With seating around the fire pit, it could be a great place to relax after a dip in the pool.

Fire and Water Bowls for Pools

Let’s face it, pools with fire bowls are amazing. With fire and water bowls, you can bring the best of two elements into your pool space. People have put fire and water bowls in some unique areas and locations.

Many contractors have used fire bowls in pool construction since the early 2000s. Fire bowls are smokeless, which are great around a pool. Contractors used to design the early fire bowls, so they could use propane. These days, however, they use propane or natural gas. You can ignite fire bowls manually or electronically. A contractor can make a fire bowl for you that complements your home’s architecture. You can also choose to have your fire bowl made out of metals for a dramatic appeal. You can choose between the warmth of bronze or copper or the contemporary cool of stainless steel.

Water Bowls

Water bowls are bowls that incorporate a water feature and a flame feature. They can certainly provide amazing fire feature effects. You can choose to operate your water bowl as a fountain. You can also choose to operate both water and fire at the same time for a dramatic effect. For more impact, place the water and fire bowls in selected areas all-around your pool. You could also use pedestals to showcase the fire and water bowls. In addition, you could have a waterfall and pedestal effect for a truly awe-inspiring view.

Some people question whether it is possible to put fire features on a deck. As long as you power them with natural gas or propane, they are safe. You can use fire or water bowls on top of your deck or gazebo, as a way to draw people together.

Whether you want a simple fire pit close to the pool or a series of fire bowls around your pool, call us. We can provide you with the perfect fire feature effects that are unique and you will love. Contact Escape Pools in Spring, Texas today to help you get started.

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