Top 5 Best Ways to Lower Pool Maintenance Costs

Top 5 Best Ways to Lower Pool Maintenance Costs

Ways to Lower Pool Maintenance Costs

Owning a pool is fun, therapeutic, and can provide a great way to relax. Like many other pool owners, you’ve probably wondered if there’s a way to cut down on the money you have to spend on pool maintenance.

Pool costs add up quickly. They come attached to everything from the chemicals needed to keep the water safe, to mechanical parts like pumps and filters.

Fortunately, you do have some options for reducing your pool maintenance costs. They let you save money and enjoy your pool without cutting corners on safety or quality. Here are five ideas that you should try to lower pool maintenance costs.

1. Don’t Run Your Pool Filter System ‘Round the Clock

Any good pool maintenance service can maintain your pool filter and ensure it’s running properly. What they may not know is that you can save money by being strategic about when you run your filter system.

If you schedule your filter to run only when it’s in use or when you’re sleeping, you’ll cut down on your electrical costs. Simple, but effective.

2. Use a Pool Cover

When you’re not using your pool, keeping it covered is a wise idea. If your swimming pool maintenance service complains about the cover, remind them that you’re making the job easier. You’ll keep debris out and avoid having to scoop leaves and bugs.

There’s an added bonus, too. Your insurance company will love the idea of your pool cover, especially if small children live in your neighborhood or your home.

3. Update Your Pool Sanitization System

We’re all pressed for time. But thanks to better design, the cost and required time of a pool’s maintenance is now something you can adjust. Consider starting with a refresh of your pool sanitizing system.

Recently designed pool sanitizing systems are more likely to be energy efficient and designed with more durable materials. This translates into less breakage and more electric bill savings.

4. Measure Your Pool Chemicals Right

Getting your pool chemicals right can make all the difference between having to shell out a lot of money and paying only the bare minimum.

Most pool maintenance companies follow a formula for pool chemicals. But if you’re DIYing it, make sure you know what you’re doing from the get-go. Don’t get the formula wrong and then overpay for chemicals because you have to re-do them.

5. Consider How Floor Shade Impacts Pool Maintenance

As it turns out, pool design is important for energy reasons. Darker pool floors warm the water faster than lighter ones. This is because the darker colors help retain more heat. If you’ve been paying to heat your pool, it might be better to install a darker pool liner next time. What it does for your electric bill may surprise you.

Think of All the Things You Could Spend That Extra Money On

If you’re hesitant to give the ideas in this list a try, consider all the things you could do with the money you save. For example, you could use it to upgrade your poolside environment or invest it in another area of your house.

Lower Pool Maintenance Costs and More

For more tips and tricks for saving money on your pool maintenance, get in touch. For over 13 years, Escape Pools have helped our customers reduce operating expenses, and can answer any questions you may have. Contact us today and check out our blog for more money-saving ideas.