What Determines The Color of Your Pool Water?

What Determines The Color of Your Pool Water?

What Determines the Color of Your Pool Water?

15.7% of occupied homes in the U.S. have swimming pools. If you are looking to add to those numbers, we don’t blame you. Swimming is excellent exercise and fun!

Did you know if you get a pool installed, your pool water doesn’t have to be the same shade of light blue you’ve seen a hundred times? If you would prefer your pool to be dark blue or even green, there are options out there to make that happen.

Where does this journey start? Keep reading! We’ll explain how you can have the pool you have always wanted with water that matches your backyard and home’s aesthetic.

What Color Should My Pool Water Be?

We are all familiar with blue water pools. Most pools appear to be the same shade of light blue. However, have you seen pictures of pools that look green or dark blue?

Wondering how they get to look that way?

It all depends on the interior pool structure’s finish of the pool plaster, tile etc.

When consulting with a pool builder, they will show you pool water color samples; you will see comparisons there. For example, the lighter, almost white finishes will make your water appear light blue, while brown finishes, weirdly enough, will give your water a greener look. With these samples, you’ll be able to see how the different types of pool finishes can affect the overall look of your pool.

Deciding on the color, you want your pool to be will depend on your preferences. Does your backyard design call for green or blue? What is your taste? If you need some help deciding, you can ask the professional pool builder for their opinion.

What Factors Effect Pool Water Color?

There are a few different things beyond plaster, tile etc., that can affect the color of your pool water. The amount of foliage and shade in your backyard can affect the color, so can the amount of sun exposure. Things out of your control, like the weather, can change things up as well.

The depth of the pool can also make the pool water in the deep end look different than the water in the shallow end. The deeper the water, the darker the water will appear. These are all things to keep in mind when you are picking your plaster.

What Kind of Pool Water Products Are Out There?

As we mentioned previously, the background dye of the finish changes the overall color of your pool water. Chat with an expert at Escape Pools to discuss your overall look to learn more.

If your pool water is green due to algae and not because you picked a beautiful finish to give it a refreshing green look, you will want to speak with the service team at Escape Pools for some maintenance!

Get the Color of Your Pool Water Perfect Today!

Now you know, your pool water can be pretty much any color you want to match your vision.

If you are thinking about installing a new pool or want to remodel the pool you already have, there is an option for you at Escape Pools. Contact us today to discuss all of your pool-related needs! Let’s get started!