Why Is My Pool Water Green?

Why Is My Pool Water Green?

Is Your Pool Water Green?

Even though fall is right around the corner, it’s still very hot in Texas. Your solution is to take a refreshing swim in your pool. However, when you step onto your patio, you see a disturbing sight. The lovely blue pool water is now a disgusting shade of green. Your pool water turned green overnight.

What do you do? Is green water safe to swim in? Here are some answers for you.

What Can Make Pool Water Green?

There are several reasons your pool water might be green. Usually, the main culprit is algae. Algae are microscopic plant life that adores sunlight and hot temperatures. These are two things that are abundant in Texas this time of year. However, just because your pool water is green doesn’t necessarily mean you have an algae problem.

Light Green Pool Water

If your pool water is light green, you have algae. However, it’s not a large amount. The answer is to shock your pool. Remember, when you put the shock in, you must keep the pool and filter running for at least 10 hours. Shocking the pool raises the chlorine level of your pool water and kills the algae. You need to remember that you should not swim when you are shocking. The chemicals used in the shock treatment make it unsafe to swim. You must wait until the levels are in the safe to swim zone.

What if My Pool Water Looks Green but Clear?

Many people think that once they shock their pools, their algae nightmare is over. However, algae can be difficult to get rid of. If your pool water is green but clear, even after you shocked it, you most likely still have algae somewhere. You don’t want to swim in a pool with algae. Even a small amount can be dangerous.

Once you have shocked the pool to get rid of the green water, it is, then, necessary to scrub it. Make sure you don’t miss any pool surfaces. Algae like to hide in the light panels and the grout, as well as your filters. Once you have scrubbed, you can speed up the filtration process by using a vacuum to clean up the debris. Wait for 10 hours, and if the water is still green, shock one more time. This should return your water to the beautiful blue that you have been dreaming about.

What if My Green Pool Water’s Not Algae?

You have shocked the pool and thoroughly cleaned out the water. However, your pool water is still green. You have done everything possible to make sure your water is perfect. But, it’s not. Here are some suggestions for you.

First, check your local weather for the pollen levels in your area. Texas is famous for its pollen. If enough pollen gets into your pool, your pool can turn green but still be clear. If you suspect pollen, run your filter overnight, and see if that helps.

Second, check the pool’s pH levels. Sometimes, it can be just that simple to turn your water back to blue. That’s because, over time, your pool’s pH levels tend to rise. Everything in the pool, such as cosmetics and oil from sunscreen will begin to affect the balance. When your pH level gets too high, your chlorine is no longer working properly, and that can cause the tint.

Check your levels of cyanuric acid as well. Cyanuric acid is a water conditioner. In Texas, this acid is important because the strong sunlight affects your chlorine levels. Many people call cyanuric acid the sunscreen for chlorine. It allows the chlorine to do its job effectively.

Are You Stumped?

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