Your Steadfast Semi Inground Pool Builders: Escape Pools

Your Trusted Semi Inground Pool Builders: Escape Pools

A semi inground pool, also known as a semi-above-ground pool or a hybrid pool, is a type of swimming pool that is partially installed below ground level and partially above ground. This unique design compromises the affordability and accessibility of above-ground pools and the aesthetics and durability of inground pools.

Aesthetically they are much more appealing than above-ground pools, as beautiful decking and pavers can be installed.

Semi-inground pools will come at a higher cost than above-ground but lower price than full inground pools. Therefore, for those looking for a compromise on the budget, a semi-inground pool is one to consider.

In addition, perhaps your backyard has a sloping landscape where a fully inground pool or above-ground pool just will not work. Think about how amazing a semi-inground pool can be.

Here we provide you with a brief overview of semi-inground pools. But please know it is only “brief.” To learn more about your options, please do not hesitate to contact our pool builder company, Escape Pools. We are located in Spring, Texas. However, we build inground to semi-inground pools in Houston and the surrounding areas.

Overview of Semi Inground Pools


Unlike fully inground pools that require extensive excavation, a semi-inground pool is constructed by excavating and digging a partial hole in the ground, not as deep as a traditional inground pool. The top portion stays above ground level, generally two to three feet, and often with the help of a supporting framework or retaining walls. This design allows for greater stability and structural integrity than traditional above-ground pools.


Your Trusted Semi Inground Pool Builders: Escape Pools, construction



At Escape Pools, we build custom inground pools with concrete, gunite. In addition, we create custom semi inground pools the same way.


While semi-inground pools may have some design limitations compared to entirely inground pools, a wide array of customization options are still available when hiring Escape Pools. You can choose from different shapes, sizes, and depths and add features like steps, benches, waterfalls, decking, and more to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the pool.

How about a spa and bubblers? Bet you never thought you could have these with semi inground pools. So, let’s say with Escape Pools; we make your desired options work. In addition, we bring you different ideas you may never have thought of.


Your Trusted Semi Inground Pool Builders: Escape Pools with spa and bubblers


A Few Details About Escape Pools

With years of experience, our team of skilled pool builders is unmatched in the pool industry. From the initial design phase to the final construction and beyond, you can trust Escape Pools to provide expert guidance and deliver outstanding outcomes.

We understand that no two backyards are alike and work our craft to keep it that way. Yes, the landscape layouts and size may be the same in some communities, but no two homeowners’ personalities and lifestyles are. That’s why hiring a pool builder to bring out personality and incorporating the homeowner’s lifestyle is vital.

In addition, at Escape Pools, we never compromise quality and customer satisfaction, as they are a huge priority. Our goal is to build inground to semi-inground pools of high quality built to last, along with building long-lasting friendships.

So, please do not wait any longer; you have nothing to lose by scheduling a free consultation with one of our experts. We look forward to speaking with you. Contact us here.

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